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Weather Master - Awnings

The Pioneers in South African Sun Control

Welcome to Weather Master – The Inventors of Louvre Awnings worldwide. Established since 1953, we manufacture and install quality, durable and value for money products.

Windows need protection too

We all know that we have to have a trellis gate or some other form of security barrier on our external doors, but how many of us pay attention to what’s securing our windows?

Weather Master - Features & Benefits of Louvre Awnings

Features  & benefits of Louvre Awnings from Weather Master.

Apart from serving your patio, Louvre Awnings can cool adjacent rooms in summer, as well as warms them in winter. They're great to let light into adjacent rooms as well. Awnings boosts your property value and improves the aesthetics of your home.

Carpet and Decor Centre Pretoria

With well trained and specialist consultants and installation teams in each of its nine branches countrywide, the Carpet & Décor Centre Group must, without doubt, be one of the biggest flooring contractors in the country, but it is the service aspects applied to all customers that has ensured the company’s continued success and impressive growth.


How to create a safe sunny chill-out corner

Every home needs a spot where you can relax, either before charging into a busy day or to wind down at the end of it.  Here’s how to create one that’s safe too.

Home Fires: Fireplaces & Chimneys

The problem from the builder's point of view is that an open fire place has been out of fashion for nearly a generation, so that proper construction has become somewhat of a lost art among builders and bricklayers.

Weather Master - Fixed IBR Awnings

Fixed IBR Awnings

Using the same durable structure and classy finishes with the 3 blade facia as the Weather Master louvre awning, our fixed IBR awnings can be used as a patio awning or as a upmarket carport.


Looking to revamp your kitchen affordably? Look no further, we have the perfect company for you!

Nelson Glass & Mirrors effortlessly combining beauty and safety

Whether you’re at the office or at home, you’re sure to notice how amazing a room looks when lit up with natural light or how something as simple as a reflection can make a space appear larger than what it really is. The solution is surprisingly simple: glass and mirrors.

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