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Why choose Secura Security Shutters & Burglar Bars

Secura combines the robust safety aspects of their products with a relentless dedication to design, thereby unifying strength and elegance. We take a look at their Security Shutters and Burglar Bars.

Nelson Glass & Mirrors effortlessly combining beauty and safety

Whether you’re at the office or at home, you’re sure to notice how amazing a room looks when lit up with natural light or how something as simple as a reflection can make a space appear larger than what it really is. The solution is surprisingly simple: glass and mirrors.

Instructions for the use & care of your HOME FIRES Braai

Important pointers and tips to take care of your braai area.

AquaNet - Safety First

When you think of swimming pool safety, think AquaNet, The Pool Specialists that believe your safety comes first. 

Aqua-Net - The Pool Safety Specialists

Living in South Africa certainly has its perks, with many a homeowner having a swimming pool to enjoy. Statistics however indicate that drowning is the second leading cause of death or injury for children under the age of 5, second only to car accidents.  It is every pool owner’s responsibility to ensure that the swimming pool is safely secured.


Looking for the best in the carport industry? Look no further, we have the perfect company for you!

Absolute Chilled

Top Reasons why you should trust Absolute Chilled to help control your environment. 

Prepaid Meter: How it works

JKNV Energy explains how Prepaid Sub Meters work & reveal details of their prepaid meter special. 

How to keep your kids safe at home

We generally associate burglar bars and security gates with keeping criminals out of our homes. But they have another use that very few of us think of: keeping our kids safe inside their homes. Here’s how your burglar proofing can do both jobs at no extra cost.

Weather Master - Fixed IBR Awnings

Fixed IBR Awnings

Using the same durable structure and classy finishes with the 3 blade facia as the Weather Master louvre awning, our fixed IBR awnings can be used as a patio awning or as a upmarket carport.

Your results 1 - 10 of 12 | next 10 »

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