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Paint Techniques Made Easy

Published : 06/02/2008   |   Author: Homemakers

Colour Washing Step by Step

Our resident paint technique specialist, Paul Fouche has an easy, step by step guide to a paint technique called colour washing which is easy enough for everyone to do. Essential products are a mutton cloth, scumble glaze, water and paint in the colour of your choice.

  • Mix 1 litre of water, 1 litre of paint and 1 litre of scumble glaze in a container.
  • Prepare your wall by painting a soft, off-white coat of colour in a wash and wear paint.
  • Dip the mutton cloth in the mixture, making sure all excess paint is dried off.
  • Start to wash the wall with the cloth in a circular motion. Blend the circles in well over the whole wall and ensure there are no lines or scratches in the wet paint.
  • Allow your wall to dry for two hours.
  • Apply a second coat, or as many desired until you are satisfied with the end result.

By just using one colour but applying many layers, you can create many different colour shades. This is a simple but very effective technique that can add so much to any living area, inside and outside your home.


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