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Matching your flowers with the correct vase

Published : 15/06/2010   |   Author: HOMEMAKERS | Verity Sewart

Matching a vase to the flowers will further enhance their splendour. The flower arrangement and the vase should always complement or contrast one another. Vase colours should always be neutral such as clear, white or cream or solid in colour. The colours should be such that they harmonise with and bring out the colours and beauty of the flowers.

Brightly tinted glass or crystal vases are meant to be used for their own exquisiteness and serve purely as decorative purposes around the home, as they often distract from the attractiveness of the flowers. The same goes for highly decorated vases such as mosaics and vases with unique patterns and painted surfaces. There will be the odd occasion where a decorated vase works well with a specific type of flower or a dried reed floral arrangement, as the decor on the vase would complement the decor in the flora.


Here are some tips when choosing a vase


I know this may sound simple but the size of the flowers determine the type of vase used. There is nothing more unattractive than forcing a chunky stem into a glass slip of a vase that was designed for more petite flowers. A single rose bud in a single bud vase would look much more glamorous than a bunch of freesias drowning in a giant crystal flute.
Tall stems tend to go well in taller vases, and flowers with bare stems and an abundance of flower heads do well in a vase that can support at the neck like a trumpet vase.




Column or Cylinder vase

This is your most common, no-nonsense vase, admired for its versatility. As the name implies it is a long straight vase which accentuates the height which look particularly remarkable if the stems are spiralled around the base.
Tall, bright coloured flowers offset with greenery work well in a vase of this shape. Place arrangements like this in high-ceilinged rooms on a mantelpiece, windowsill or side table.

The Globe vase

A sturdy, yet graceful sphere making it perfectly suited to pop ready-made hand tied bouquets into to create instant delight. This look works perfectly on coffee tables and as dining table centre pieces.

The Hourglass vase

Just as a woman has a curvaceous figure, so do vases! With a subtle curve in the middle, giving it a voluptuous profile this vase is perfectly suited to holding fewer stems, without the flowers looking as if they’re lounging drunkenly on the sides. Place this flower display beside a sofa, or on an antique piece of furniture – this will steal the limelight in any room.

If you don’t want to have to worry about matching your flowers with the right vase, visit Mr Price Home, Sheet Street or @Home for some great vase ideas which are not expensive. This way you can keep a range of vases for any occasion and for any floral arrangement.
Why not read our upcycling article and make your own vase using things around the house.

Tip to remember: If you are using cut flowers with your vases be sure to always keep them clean. This will prevent growth of bacteria which may be harmful to your flowers and to you.



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