10 hacks for keeping your home organised

  • Posted: Aug 26, 2016
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10 hacks for keeping your home organised

Keeping your home organised doesn’t have to be stressful. With our top ten hacks, you’ll have everything in place to ensure that being neat and tidy is actually quick and easy.

1. Upcycle cereal boxes for neat storage

This is good fun if you love DIY craft projects. It’s also incredibly easy to do. Cut and cover some boxes in any way you like, and you have immediate storage for papers, mail and magazines.

2. Stackable plastic boxes for all rooms

Storage is vital to keeping your home organised. Without adequate space for everything to be put away, you won’t be able to keep rooms looking neat. We love clear plastic boxes that are stackable – they don’t take up too much space and you can see what’s inside.

3. Label everything

If everything needs to have a place and get put away in that place, then labels will help ensure that it happens. We suggest making beautiful stickers or getting chalkboard paint for cupboards, drawers and boxes. This also works for coat pegs or key hooks.

4. Hang your keys

Create a little space by the front door where you can put up some hooks. This will keep your house and car keys neat, and easy to access.

5. Have a space for things at your front door

Along with your key hooks, make some room for other items that are needed by the front door. A traditional coat cupboard for bags, shoes and jackets is perfect. Also think about having a stand for umbrellas.

6. Colour code your family

Need to keep your children’s homework separate from the mail and household paperwork? What about everyone’s packed lunches for the next day? By giving each family member a colour, you’ll be able to see what belongs to whom at a glance.

7. Open bed bases give you more storage space

It’s that vital word again – storage. By going for beds that have open bases or even drawers underneath, you gain a lot of extra space. Bed raisers are also great tools to use if you don’t want to buy new beds.

8. Keep “random stuff” baskets

Place baskets in the rooms where your family hangs out so that they can dump things they’ve finished with, like toys or blankets, into them. Then, when the baskets are full, someone can go around the house putting things away.

This prevents rooms from becoming cluttered but you also don’t have to run around putting things away all day.

Random stuff basket to keep your home organised

9. Store your toiletries in containers

Things lying around loose on shelves or the side of the sink will make your bathroom feel untidy. Rather get some nice containers to keep everything in one place, or store like items together.

10. Hang your jewellery on the walls

Instead of hiding it away in a box so you don’t know what you have, it can be really nice to have earrings and necklaces hanging up on display. However, this can get a little messy. If you put up some hooks or display frames, you’ll be making art out of your jewellery.

Hanging jewellery to keep your home organised

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