4 basic rules to decorating a room from scratch

  • Posted: Nov 24, 2016
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4 basic rules to decorating a room from scratch

Sometimes a blank canvas can be a scary thing – not knowing where to start or which element to focus on first. Decorating a room entirely from scratch doesn’t have to be a big task if you stick to the basics.

First things first, you need a theme or a colour scheme. This will help you to choose furniture and how to decorate the walls. In order to find this jumping off point, look around your home, at your clothing style and search online for something that really speaks to you. Ask yourself questions about your style – do you like modern or retro, and do you prefer bright colours or something more neutral.

Once you have a theme in mind, you can begin with the planning.

1. Start with storage

Not having enough storage in a room is always a pain, and it’s very difficult to add in storage once you have the bulk of your furniture set. So first decide how much and what you want to keep in the room. A bedroom needs space for clothing and bedding, while a lounge should have somewhere to keep your home entertainment system. There are also several layers of storage to consider. Cupboards for bigger items, shelves for books and regularly used pieces, and then space for decorative knickknacks.

Once you’ve decided what is going in the room, look around to see how creative you can get with storage. High floating shelves look good in a range of décor styles and can be very useful for storing smaller items you don’t use regularly. Box seating at the base of your bed can also be great for storing blankets.

2. Know how many people will be using the room

For a dining room or living room, it’s best to count all of the people in your home plus one or two. This way, you’ll always have seating for guests even if it’s a little bit squashed. Consider your family first in terms of comfortable seating, and then add on extras that will accommodate people visiting.

Foot stools that can double as seats are great in the lounge. A bench can replace chairs at your dining room table, and make room for an extra person to sit down the long side of the table.

3. Create a logical pathway through the room

It’s essential to be able to make your way around the room and get to everything that’s in it. If your furniture is too big for the space or organised in a way that you can’t get to things easily, it will disrupt the flow of the room.

Furniture layout for decorating a room

You can test layout by getting the dimensions of all your furniture and marking them out on the floor in the actual room before you go and buy things.

4. Workout where to place the big visual statement

A focal point in the room is actually quite easy to work out once you have the layout of your furniture and storage. Make it a space that naturally draws the eye as you enter the room, but isn’t covered by furniture. Walk around in your marked out plan in the room and think about where your eye lands naturally. This will give you the key to placing visual statements.

Focal point in a room for decorating a room

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