5 of The Latest Trends In Home Automation

  • Posted: Jan 22, 2018
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5 of The Latest Trends In Home Automation

These days, with the age of the internet and constant connectivity across the various aspects of our life; digitalization has become synonymous with human life. From daily work to socialization and awareness, the internet is important for us at every step. Home automation has brought the digital age literally into your home by making your home interact with you through artificial intelligence, smart phones and tablets. While so far the smart phone was only a personal communication device – you can now remotely monitor and interact with your home.

Here are 5 of the latest trends and solutions in home automation:

All-Round Security Monitor

Any  investment towards an expensive home automation system must include security features that make your house secure from internal dangers as well as intrusion. This means that you should install alarm systems at your door/driveway entry, as well as on windows, and other accesses into your home. Security systems also include fire alarms and warning against electrical overloads, or such other dangers.

Water Adjustment Systems

When you’re returning home from a long day at work, it is a pain to set the water temperate to that ‘Perfect’ comfortable level; and that also means waiting for the water to heat/cool down or to get the combination of hot and cold just right before you get into the shower, or even do the dishes. Home automation allows you to pre-set or reset the water temperature while you are on your way home; as well as automatic adjustment features.

Mood and Ambiance Control

While this is more of a “Luxury” feature, automatic mood and ambiance control features can help you control the lighting, indoor temperature, humidity, as well as pre-set “moods”. This involves various setting of indoor lighting and ventilation which is a unique advantage of home automation. Whether you’re having a surprise party at your place or seeking a bit of solitude with a book, Mood and Ambiance control is the most happening thing!

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Entry Restriction/Selection

Keep losing/misplacing your house keys? Want to walk through the door without the trouble of fiddling with the lock? Need to let a friend in to feed your pet? Home automation features a range of security options; but entry selection and restriction via Biometrics is the latest in digital home security! This features allows pre-selection of certain people into the security software system for a temporary/permanent pass allowing you to have selective and restrictive entry to your abode.

Audio/Video Devices

Home automation include managing audio visual systems in your home including setting up your TV recordings, automatically controlling the room’s lighting according to the screen brightness, as well as better acoustic arrangement. You can set up your home theatre system, or choose from available built in settings.

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