How to Maximise Your Bathroom

  • Posted: Jun 26, 2019
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How to Maximise Your Bathroom

Bathrooms lacking in square meterage can be a bit of a challenge. As homes get more compact, there is a need to use available space more wisely.

Here are some simple tips and tricks to optimise smaller bathrooms.

Reflected Bathrooms

Use mirrors to reflect as much of the space as possible. Don’t be shy to get a big statement mirror that will expand the space and reflect light to make the room feel bigger.

Get off the floor

Give your feet a little more space to move by lifting vanities and sinks off the floor. Floating cabinets and sinks will allow you to see more of the floor, giving the illusion of more space.

If absolutely needed, you can also use this space as towel or toiletry storage, using baskets that you can easily move around.

Use Glass

Shower curtains close up your space by creating a visual wall. Open up your bathroom using clear glass shower walls or doors. For those who would prefer a little more privacy, opt for opaque or frosted glass.

If you have a long bathroom, you may want to go for a wet room style bathroom that flows effortlessly from bathroom to shower. Another trend is installing a small free-standing bath at the end of your open shower space so you have the best of both in the smaller space.


Use shape and colour to elongate or widen your space. For narrow bathrooms, tiling the floor horizontally with long rectangular tiles will make it look wider. This trick can also be used on the wall by using accents stripes or horizontal tiles across the widest part of the wall.

Using the same tile or colours for your floor and walls will also make the space feel bigger as there are less breaks for the eye. All white works especially well for making bathrooms look bigger but can become clinical looking.

Clever Storage

Clearing clutter is a sure way to make a room look bigger. Using built-in storage such as niches or ledges are perfect to keep toiletries in reach but out of the way.

For additional storage, shelves and baskets on walls in otherwise unused spaces such as the ledge at the end of a built in bathtub, above the toilet or next to the sink can be a lifesaver for essentials. The key is to keep your bathroom as neat as possible.

Even a small bathroom can be a room to relax and retreat from the busyness of daily life. By cleverly using mirrors, colour, light, shape and storage you can make your bathroom look and feel bigger.

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