Bedroom Cupboards

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Bedroom Cupboards

Bedroom cupboards are sometimes referred to as wardrobes, and since the mid-1600s the bedroom cupboard has housed our clothes and shoes with pride. Sometimes wardrobes are overlooked and hidden when it comes to bedroom décor; there is however, a large variety of choices available.

In the 1600s clothes were folded, even in large cupboards as folded clothes were a sign of wealth.

Types of Cupboards

Walk-in Closet
○ If you have the space, this is the most ideal clothing storage solution in which you can effectively arrange a combination of drawers and shelves. An assortment of space-saving accessories are available on the market, such as; pull-out shoe drawers, special pants rails and detachable rails used to reach clothes high up in the cupboard.

Built-in Cupboards
○ You may think that built-in cupboards are expensive and unattractive, but these days, there are more creative finishes, especially for cupboard doors. The most economical finish is melamine, which has the option of wood look-a-like. A more expensive option is veneer and coloured and frosted glass doors.

Freestanding Wardrobes
○ Freestanding wardrobes can be a bold décor statement and are often the focal point in a room. They are still highly popular, especially with people that prefer antiques and wooden furniture. Modern freestanding wardrobes are also available and are great for smaller rooms where there is no space for wall to wall cupboards.

Do-it-yourself Cupboards
○ Installing the cupboards yourself will save you money and many large hardware stores and specialist stores stock a range of affordable units. These come in standard sizes and are finished in various colours of attractive melamine. Coloured or matt glass doors are also available, but are more expensive than melamine. There is also a wide range of bedroom cupboard handles available.

Open Closet
○ If you can keep it tidy, then an open cupboard is a strong décor signature. It lets you show off your most stunning outfits and gorgeous shoes, while at the same time allowing the wardrobe to become an extension of your décor.
The trend is definitely towards cupboards that blend in with the overall décor of the room.

Cupboard Space
In a small room there is little space to roam freely. Standard built-in cupboards with hinged doors reduce this space quite significantly, especially when the cupboard doors are opened. By converting the hinged doors to sliding doors you will be able to create more space in the room and also improve the resale value of your home. With the extra space you could even turn a single bedroom into a double bedroom.

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