biobrush – The Biodegradable Toothbrush from Berlin

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biobrush – The Biodegradable Toothbrush from Berlin

The start-up company biobrush actually recreated a commodity whilst consistently focusing on sustainability.
Most toothbrushes available on the market today are based on fossil resources. Approaches aiming at sustainability, like toothbrushes with replaceable heads, have not managed to make a substantial impact. In Germany approx. 200 million of toothbrushes are being disposed of every year.

biobrush‘s offer: rather than incinerating chips of wood from the woodworking industry and transforming them into thermal energy, the company turn them into toothbrushes! Bioplastic and packaging based on cellulose, nylon bristles made from castor oil, without harmful emollients, clearly designed and at a fair price.

Photo credit: Thomas Zipf

What is new with biobrush?
What is new with biobrush is that they acknowledge, that there is actually nothing to reinvent about tootbrushes. biobrush include features, which experts consider to be indispensable. The result is a simple shape. What makes the tootbrushes stand out from in the bathroom and in retail is their colouring. Beside that, their intrinsic values count. In cooperation with an research institute biobrush developed a bioplastic suitable for injection moulding. This enables biobrush to produce an affordable mass market product. The bioplastic and packaging are based on cellulose made from wood chips, resulting in a multiple use of material from sustainable forestry. Only a fraction of fossil resources are required for production. For that reason the carbon footprint is negligible. Colours and bioplastic are biodegradable and the packaging foil is even garden compostable. The nylon for the bristles is made from castor oil. The latter is not biodegradable but the most hygienic material currently available.

Nannett Wiedemann, founder and CEO: „Resource saving has become a lifestyle. For me, the most interesting aspect is to come away from tradional approach ´eco vs stylish´ and to incorporate both“

Nannett Wiedemann – founder of biobrush
Photo credit: Anne Schönharting

About biobrush GmbH
The colourful toothbrushes base on a holistic and sustainable concept for resource saving dental care products. The start-up company biobrush has been working on its‘ realisation ever since 2015. As a result the toothbrushes comply with state-of-the-art dental and hygienic standards. biobrush GmbH develops innovative, resource saving dental products taking into account relevant criteria of dental care.

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