Supporting Cancervive and Stepping Stone Hospice

  • Posted: Oct 23, 2019
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Supporting Cancervive and Stepping Stone Hospice

For the month of October, Cancer Awareness Month, partnered with Cancervive, a survivor-driven, unique and dynamic cancer awareness and education project that uses the performing arts to share stories, celebrate life, bust myths and get South Africans talking about “shy” cancers to help Stepping Stone Hospice Alberton.

As part of the annual 10-day Cancervive Ride, we joined the Cancervive riders, survivors and supporters on their journey as they made a stop at Reef Tankers, Germiston for a special awareness show.

The day was filled with so much fun, hope and love. As we were entertained and educated about the myths around Cancer, we had the chance to connect with supporters, warriors and survivors. Listening to stories from the Cancervive tribe was a time to reflect on how we are all affected by Cancer in some way, this realisation then allowed us to reach out a healing touch or hug to those who needed it.

The day was also a rare chance to bring the Cancervive and Stepping Stone Hospice teams together as they each work to bring hope to those affected by Cancer in their own ways.

Both Cancervive and Stepping Stone Hospice are about sharing hope, love and joy to Cancer warriors, survivors and supports. As HOMEMAKERS we want to join in by helping create a safe and comfortable space for the warriors and incredible staff members at Stepping Stone Hospice.

The existing Stepping Stone Hospice building is in desperate need of repairs so that the residents can have a restful, healing and safe place to recover. There are also special child and parent rooms in the plans so that parents can move in with their child while they undergo treatment.

You can join in helping Stepping Stone Hospice by joining their Club 2000 , joining the club costs a minium of R50 a month and is limited to 2000 tickets. This not only helps keep Stepping Stone Hospice open but also puts you in a lucky draw where you can win R20 000 every month!

Keep a look out for the work we will be doing at Stepping Stone Hospice in the next few weeks with our Plus One Sponsors; IsoBoard, Hyper Paint and Eco Rubber.

Watch the video below as DIY with Elle takes you through all the fun had at the heartwarming Cancervive awareness show.

Recorded and Edited by: 22 Knots Productions

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