Carpet Comeback

  • Posted: Jun 28, 2019
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Carpet Comeback

Wood, laminate and tiles have been dominating the flooring trends for most of the 21st century. After wall-to-wall carpets were torn out of most homes in the early 2000’s, it has now been reinvented to suit the modern home.

With a focus on comfort and custom style, here are three ideas on how you can add carpets to your home.


Give Ouma’s carpet new life by cleaning it up and pairing it with modern furniture. Distressed vintage styles are ideal for living rooms, entrance halls or bedrooms.

Vintage style runners will also work in minimalist style kitchens to add a pop of colour and comfort while cooking.


Whether it’s bright colours, patterns, textures or multi-colour prints, carpets lets you play around a bit more than you might dare to with other decor pieces.

Going for large, custom sized carpets that end about two metres before the walls of a room adds a bit of luxurious style while still showing off the floor underneath.

Animal prints and hides are also in. Bringing a warm, natural element into an otherwise subtly styled room.

Piles of Carpets

Whether you go for a low pile or a luxurious high pile carpet, it’s about undeniable comfort underfoot. Low pile offers durability and easy maintenance. High pile options like frieze add warmth and comfort.

Another trend is layering carpets for extra warmth. Pairing bold patterns and different textures adds interest to your room and lets you make use of smaller carpets to cover a larger area. Combining large flat weaves with smaller textured rugs gives you the chance to enjoy carpet comfort with a bit of personality.

Hard surface flooring has gained popularity since everyone pulled out their 70’s-style shag carpets but they are definitely making a creative comeback. In the years to come, it looks like flooring styles will finally strike a balance as we look for that extra bit of warmth and comfort to compliment our modern homes.

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