Chalk Paint Trio

  • Posted: Jul 06, 2019
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Chalk Paint Trio

Chalk paint has been changing the DIY decor industry since its invention in 1990. Chalk paint is exceptionally easy to use, doesn’t require any prep, goes on almost any surface and dries quickly. If you’ve ever used it, you’ll know that the creative possibilities are endless. 

Whether you’re a chalk painting pro or still need to try it out, here are 3 ways your home can be given new life with a coat of chalk paint.


Your garden can be an upcycling treasure trove of things that need a little love. Spruce up an old garden bench by giving it a few coats of chalk paint. Choose a simple single colour or mix and match with different colour slats, arm rests and legs. A light blue and white work particularly well for a rustic, country garden look.

Chalk Paint


A plain chalkboard wall works well in children’s rooms and the kitchen where you can use it to write notes, reminders and a running shopping list. 

Want a perfect rustic style brick wall? Add water to your chalk paint and give it a light wash of paint to make it stand out.

Chalk Paint


Own or recently inherited some antique furniture? Chalk paint is your answer to give it a modern twist. From chairs to headboards, chest of drawers and side tables, chalk paint works beautifully on antique wood. 

Depending on your style, you can use Vaseline and sandpaper to get that perfect distressed look. For a more trendy mid-century modern look, paint some geometric patterns on your chest of drawers or the backrest of your chairs. 

For the adventurous creative, you can even get a very realistic weathered leather look by painting the fabric of your old chairs.

Chalk Paint

Whether you are a beginner or a DIY enthusiast it offers so many possibilities. The only difficulty is resisting the urge to start painting everything in sight. It can be used on almost any clean surface and offers a range of techniques to suit different styles. Chalk paint may have started as a decorative paint but it has grown to be used across the home from furniture and decor to walls and floors. Chalk paint is a decorative dream.

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