Choosing The Perfect Colour For Your Bathroom

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Choosing The Perfect Colour For Your Bathroom

Revamping your bathroom must be up there with the most exciting home-improvement projects that you will ever undertake. There are so many choices, starting with what would be the best colour to choose. Choosing bathroom wall colours can be tricky. Because bathrooms are usually small, colours seem more intense than they appear in bigger rooms.

Choosing the colours you use in your bathroom is a really important decision that comes right at the beginning of your bathroom redesign. The final choice of your bathroom’s colour palette will depend not just on the colour of your bath or tiles, but also the overall look you want to achieve.

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Do you want your bathroom to be relaxing, energising, modern or timeless? Every house and bathroom is different so getting your colour scheme right is the perfect way to show off your own personal style and taste.

As you consider colours to use for your bathroom, imagine how each shade will look stylistically in the room and which emotional atmosphere it will create. Light colours usually work best in small bathrooms because they make the rooms seem larger. However, even in tiny bathrooms, medium and dark paints are striking accent colours among light hues.

But not everybody wants to play it safe with light, stylish colours.

Black bathrooms have a style that is universal. They carry an air of sophistication and depth.
Black bathrooms don’t have to incorporate lots of black fixtures and fittings to achieve the look. A white vanity unit combined with black taps or pipework is a great example of how a little touch of black works beautifully.

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Black And Silver Bathroom Ideas

On the other hand, white bathrooms never go out of fashion. Chrome and brushed silver surfaces like taps and handles stand out when coupled with white bathrooms. If you are planning a white bathroom, laying real wood or wood effect bathroom flooring to complement your colour scheme is a timeless classic combination.

If you don’t find black or white all that exciting, you can always consider grey. The popularity of grey bathrooms has increased over the past years. Grey can be a really soothing shade when paired with the right hues. Most palettes work well with grey, but stick to one or two colours for a designer scheme.

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For a fool-proof option, nothing works better than neural colour. Beige and brown coloured bathroom tiles are a great choice, particularly is you are tiling both your floor and walls with the same tile. It creates a consistent pattern that really opens up the space in your bathroom, removing harsh lines and joins.

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If you are ready to take a bit of a risk, bright and bold shades can add life and style to a bathroom. A bold-coloured bathroom could never be called dull and uninspired. A great way to create an impactful look is to add a freestanding bath in a bold colour.

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And who said you could not have black AND white? Monochrome bathrooms are an iconic style with a timeless appeal. The use of monochrome in decorating can create a stunning and dramatic effect. Black and white tiles are a great way of capturing the monochrome style in your bathroom.

How to make your small bathroom seem larger

Wouldn’t we al love a large, luxurious bathroom? Of course. But the reality is that many of us have to deal with a too small bathroom where physical limitations prevent us from expanding.

An easy and cheap way to make your bathroom seem larger is with paint.

1. Light and brightly coloured walls will make any space feel bigger and light colours will help augment the effect of natural light. Colours to consider are white, pink, yellow and grey.

2. Stick with the same colour tone
Just because light colours will make your bathroom seem larger, the entire bathroom does not have to be the same colour. Using colours with the same tone will also do the trick.

3. Blend tile and wall colour
Blending your wall colour and shower tiles makes the entire room feel like one continuous space.

4. Paint your ceiling and walls the same colour
Using the same colour for the wall and ceiling will help the eye travel effortlessly throughout the space, giving the appearance of a larger bathroom.

5. Use light colours on doors and windows
Paint your wall trim, window covers and mouldings in a lighter colour than your walls. When you paint your mouldings light, the wall appears further back, making your bathroom appear bigger.

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