2020 Colour Trend Forecast

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2020 Colour Trend Forecast

Colour is everything. Using it effectively will make any space you create sophisticated and timeless. We turn to Pantone for colour inspiration and are sharing our top five colour trends for 2020. Taken from Pantone’s New York Fashion Week colour trend palette and the Eclectic Folk palette, we are confident that these colours will be seen in creatively designed spaces all over the world in 2020.

For the past 20 years, Pantone’s Colour of the Year has influenced fashion trends, home and décor furnishings, industrial and graphic design and even product packaging. Choosing the Colour of the Year is a meticulous process. Choosing a colour selection for the Colour of the Year consists of Pantone’s colour experts searching the world for new colour influences. 

Our colour trend forecast starts with the 2020 colour of the year, Pantone’s Classic Blue.

Classic Blue

Classic blue is the perfect blue which Pantone refers to as being “elegant in its simplicity”. The colour is a reflection of the sky at dusk and instils a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Also one of the main colours for the HOMEMAKERS InHabit 2020 Expos campaign- we can’t help but say, our predictions were spot on!

Incorporate Classic Blue with a wide variety of yellow shades, emerald greens and of course timeless whites. This colour works great in lounges and dining rooms. 

Fruit Dove

A potent, bright pink with dusty undertones. Fruit Dove is a welcoming colour and is perfect for entryways, bedrooms and dining rooms. The colour works beautifully with both raw elements like wood and bamboo and with high-end materials like metals, crystal or glass. 

Fruit Dove is the perfect pink if you have been too afraid to try other pink colours in your home before. Start with painting only one wall with this summer-inspired colour and pick up the colour again in décor elements like scatter cushions, mats or lampshades.

Spruce Yellow

Spruce Yellow is one of the colours inspired by Pantone’s Eclectic Folk collection. With strong earthy tones, washed with warm orange and yellow, the colour is enduring and trending in design. 

Use Spruce Yellow with Classic Blue or any other blue that has a purple undertone. Colours that sit across from each other on the colour wheel are complementary to each other. You can never, ever go wrong with a colour wheel formula when choosing colours for your space.

2020 Colour Trends


The name says it all. Eden is a tropical green that evokes the feeling of being on a breezy island in the very lush Caribbean. It is a traditional and elegant green that works well as a focus colour in any room. It wants to be the only showstopper, so let it be.

The colour works wonders in family spaces like the kitchen and TV lounge.

Colour trends 2020


As we know, people are becoming more conscious of the environment and trend forecasters have seen movements inspired to revisit the 60s and 70s. With the return to organic, natural materials comes Cowhide. A colour inspired by natural alternatives. 

Use this colour in a space that is rich in textures like ceramics, velvet and metal.

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