Concrete living – a beautiful trend

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Concrete living – a beautiful trend

Exposed concrete is a strong new trend in interior design that is exploding all over the world. It’s a bold look that can work for a range of different home and living décor styles. It’s also incredibly versatile as you can go for the full industrial look or get high contrast with soft furnishings.

Allowing the building materials to be seen as part of your home décor will give your interior a strong statement. You can go as far as exposing piping and light fittings to get the full effect. Alternatively, layer the concrete with plush rugs and furniture to create a hard and soft finish.


Polished floors

These days you don’t need to cover up your floor with carpets or tiles. Instead, let the concrete shine as the star of the show. With a good polish, you’ll have a beautiful, high-shine floor that is incredibly durable.

To spice things up a bit, you can add colour to the concrete. Either go for a plain colour or create designs like stripes or blocks.


While the concrete is setting, you can also add designs or motifs to it. Etch or engrave a personalised design into the concrete or add stones or tiles to create a mosaic.


Exposed blocks on your walls

One of the more interesting ways to use this trend in your home is to use concrete blocks that haven’t been polished or sanded. You can then seal them with varnish to prevent damp from getting in. This works well in a bathroom or kitchen.

Concrete walls


For a truly special look, try something like glow-in-the-dark flecks in your concrete.

Concrete bathroom


The raw look of exposed concrete on your walls can be paired with concrete floors or anything you want in your home. To soften the look, use thick, fluffy rugs either on the floor or as wall hangings.

Concrete walls and floor


Concrete accessories

There are plenty of ways to bring the concrete trend into your home without going all out and redoing your floors and walls. A lovely coffee table in your living room is the perfect accent for any home.

Concrete table


You can also go even smaller with the trend and bring in some fun wall decorations.


A more classic way to use concrete in your home is with items like pot plants. They can be used both indoors and out, and have a lovely mix of industrial and organic.


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