Cool Kitchen Culture

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Cool Kitchen Culture

There are many ways to ensure you utilise your kitchen to its full extent. Open plans, timeless designs, cosy nooks, innovative technology and glamorous interiors can make your kitchen as unique as you are. Do it for the love of cool kitchen culture.

En Plein Air

We live in a time where our well being comes first. Spending a healthy amount of time outdoors is good for you and your family. Kitchens are now being converted into spaces that merge with the outdoors. Outdoor kitchens are a category all in their own right. Being able to easily “move”’ your kitchen outdoors with the use of movable folding or sliding doors is a great way to get the best of both worlds. Go for practical installations and a decorative kitchen theme that matches your living inspirations. 

Cool Kitchens

Cosy Country

Maybe a modern kitchen is just not what you are after. Country or rustic style kitchens are making a comeback. Contemporary additions like bright coloured face-brick walls and low hanging exposed lightbulbs are popular in a country style kitchen. Make use of raw wood and stone décor elements to create the ultimate farmhouse kitchen feel. Throw in a fireplace for the winter months and you’ll never leave.

Glam Guru

Classy living elements with luxurious undertones are a great design and décor plan if you want your kitchen to replicate a high-end hotel in uptown New York. Lighting is a very important factor here. Choosing the right lighting solutions are ideal for the glam kitchen look. Utilise fresh flowers, elegant countertops in marble and tall metal stools to pull it off like a pro.

Cool Kitchen

Classic Cool

A classic themed kitchen is always a good idea. With neutral or black and white flooring, wooden cabinets and colourful or mosaic walls, you cannot go wrong with this theme. Classic themed kitchens are usually detailed with vintage references. This brings textures, materials and beauty together in a clever way.

Simple Sophistication 

If communication and interconnectivity is something you value at home, opting for an innovative, functional kitchen might be for you. Creating a minimalist space with stainless steel finishes and uncomplicated colours is a perfect starting point for this type of kitchen. Using light colours and geometric shapes will ensure your kitchen has the feel you are going for. Sleek finishes that include hi-tech appliances are the perfect addition to your sophisticated kitchen.

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