How to create your own little fairy garden

  • Posted: Jun 18, 2016
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How to create your own little fairy garden

A fairy garden is a lovely, whimsical touch for your home and your small children will just love it. They’ll also really enjoy the process of making one of these magical little spots. It can be a great family project to source all the elements and then put everything together.

Choose a space for the fairy garden

The first step it to pick the right spot for your fairy garden. It should be somewhere safe so that boisterous dogs or a flying soccer ball won’t disturb the mystical creatures that live there. A slightly secluded spot will also add to the magic of the whole thing.

There are two good options for a fairy garden – either section off an area in a flower bed or create an entirely separate space in a plant pot, or several pots. The second option has the added benefit of being portable.

Get some accessories for your fairy garden

Once you have the space ready to create a fairy garden, it’s time to get some accessories. Some of our favourite ideas include a tree stump, dry moss, decorative stones, ceramic figures and an old bird feeder – the fairies need somewhere to live.

It’s great to get a balance between organic or natural accessories and quirky, fun items. There are so many options for ceramic figures, from little toadstools to classic garden gnomes.

When planning the layout for your garden, get creative. Think about how your mythical fairies will play in the space and where they’ll sit or sleep. This part is so much fun for the kids as they get to really use their imaginations and build an entire imaginary world that they can play in for years to come.

Plant some plants

No garden is complete without the right plants, and a fairy garden is no different. Obviously, it’s important to think on a much smaller scale than your entire garden, but the same general rules apply for plants – something for groundcover, trees and bushes for height variations and then something to give colour.

We suggest you go for some lovely creeping herbs like mint. This will give your fairy garden a beautiful scent and add some soft texture to the ground. For height, we love succulents. They’re easy to maintain and won’t get too big for the confined space.

To add a pop of colour, perennials are the way to go. You likely already have some in your garden meaning your fairy garden will match with your whole outdoor space.

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