Create a modern look for your baby’s nursery

  • Posted: Nov 10, 2016
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Create a modern look for your baby’s nursery

A baby’s nursery doesn’t have to be pink or blue. You also don’t have to think pastels and gender neutral greens or yellows for the décor. Today’s nursery can be as modern and chic as the rest of your home.

Grey and neon colour scheme

Start with a grey palette in the room. This is the key to creating a modern look that is still inviting and friendly for your baby. You can also build lots of layers with different shades and textures in the room.

To add an element of fun, go for pops of neon in the room – the brighter the better. Think hot pink strips on the edge of shelving, bright green on just the legs of your feeding chair, and a multi-coloured mobile above the crib. This will brighten up the nursery and excite your child’s developing senses.

Polka dots and stripes

Patterns are essential when it comes to decorating a nursery. The room should be visually stimulating for developing eyes and brains. Even within a modern theme, you can create a sense of fun and whimsy with a mix of polka dots and stripes. Use wall paper or colour blocking to make a feature wall above the crib with beautiful zig zag lines or giant polka dots.

You can also add pattern with fun bedding, changing station covers or throw cushions on your feeding chair. If you can’t find what you want in the shops, there are plenty of patterns to make your own online.


Geometric shapes

No modern décor is complete without some strong geometric shapes in the room. A baby’s nursery has plenty of space for this, while still be safe for a growing little person exploring their boundaries.

You can put fun shelving up on the wall, out of reach of little hands. Floating triangles will give you space to display childhood knickknacks in a funky way. You can also create an original mobile for handing of the crib. Use all sorts of shapes for this.

Personalised art work

The final step for any nursery is to create something personal. A piece of art with your child’s name on it or your family’s name is something special that everyone can enjoy.

There are many ways to accomplish this personal touch within a modern theme. A custom vinyl sticker on the wall will give you a beautiful silhouette shape that’s quite sleek. Large wooden letters can be painted grey, with one letter a bright neon colour to fit the scheme.

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