Design rules that no longer apply

  • Posted: Jul 15, 2016
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Design rules that no longer apply

Everyone knows that there are rules that help you to put together the perfect room and to pull your design style throughout your entire home. However, there are some design rules that are just a little old fashioned and need to be thrown out the window in 2016.

Sure, plenty of light and white walls will make a small room feel bigger. Reflective surfaces will also help to brighten up places that don’t have much natural light. There will always be a need to use these kinds of helpful design rules.

We’re talking about the rules that don’t allow your creativity to flow. Our design experts want you to stop thinking about conforming and start having fun. The first step is to turn the following three rules on their heads.

All of your furniture should match

Matching furniture from a set is very safe. It doesn’t leave you much room to show your personality in your lounge, dining room or bedroom. Instead, it will make these spaces look like you’ve just browsed through a catalogue or let the furniture store decorate for you.

In 2016, it’s time to really mix and match. Pair your over-stuffed three seater couch with a gorgeous single seater instead of the armchair from the lounge suite.

Mix and match lounge furniture - design rules

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A wrought iron bed frame doesn’t mean that you can’t have a sleek, modern dressing table in your bedroom. In the dining room, make every single chair different.

Mix and match dining furniture - design rules

By mixing up your furniture, you can bring a range of different dimensions to your home’s décor.

Art should all be hung at the same height

Not even art galleries and museums are doing this anymore. Art is meant to inspire, provoke emotion and capture the imagination. It’s very hard to do this if it’s hanging in military precision at regular intervals along your walls.

Play with grouping pieces together and creating a work of art that’s greater than any one piece on its own.

Another method of hanging artwork is to think about eye level – and not just eye level when you’re standing. Consider how people sitting in the room will see a painting or picture.

Pick one theme or style and stick to it

Fusion is all the rage in 2016 and that means taking two or more ideas and figuring out how to marry them in one space. Think east meets west, or old versus new. By combining different styles, you’ll be able to really play with a design and bring it to life in a way that shows off who you are as an individual and as a family.

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