Agent Zero is a new company specialising in Internet of Things (IOT) products with smart door locks and sonar fish finders being their main focus. They strive to bring top quality products from around the world directly to the consumer. We find out more about the Agent Zero brand below.


If you are like us and wondering what IOT is, here you go. According to the Software Testing Help Website, it depends on two things to transform a normal device into IoT smart device.

They are:

The device can connect with the internet in any way.

The device is integrated with technology like sensors, functional software, some inbuilt technology that supports network connections and also actuators. When both these functionalities are combined an IoT device is formed. The market for IoT devices is expanding rapidly day by day and becoming more popular as well with the drastic increase in the number of users who use them daily.

Agent Zero

Flagship Products

Agent Zero’s two flagship products are the Igloohome range of smart door lock products and the deeper range of castable fish finders. Agent Zero is the official distributor for the Igloohome products in South Africa.

The range consists of the Mortise lock, the Deadbolt 2S lock, the Keybox and the Padlock. The Deadbolts 2S is the world’s slimmest and sleekest deadbolt and our top seller. The Deadbolt range is popular in Airbnb’s, guesthouses, apartment blocks, offices, lodges and holiday homes making it easy to allow visitors access without handing over keys when you are not available to do so.

The Padlock is the newest addition to the range and is taking off extremely well in the logistics and security industries. The impressive thing about the Igloohome products is that they do not use wi-fi, cannot be hacked and is not affected by load shedding. Igloohome products work on an algopin concept – the same concept that banks use for one-time pins.

Fish Finders

Agent Zero is also the official distributor for Deeper Sonar Fish Finders. The Deeper Pro+ was the world’s first castable sonar GPS fish finder. They stock everything from entry-level Deeper devices to more advanced Deeper products. All the Deeper products have built-in WiFi with the Deeper Pro+ and Chirp+ boasting GPS. This device takes your fishing adventures to a whole new level – finding fish has never been so easy.

The impressive WiFi connection that enables great range and huge data transmission is what sets the Pro+ and Chirp+ apart is its integrated GPS. This function enables you to create real-time bathymetric maps of the site you’re fishing from both boat and shore. This allows you to pinpoint exact features in a way that was only previously possible using boat-mounted consoles.

Agent Zero

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