Canvas floorcloths or carpets have been protecting floors and adding style to homes since the 18th century. Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo Exhibitor, Art To Step On have been inspired by this centuries old decor tradition. Adding a bit of modern flair, they masterfully create canvas floorcloths, tablecloths and blinds for homes across the world.

The business started while owner,  Deborah Meltzer, was living in a wooden tree house in Hawaii. She made her own canvas carpet after stubbing her toes a few too many times on the old wooden floors. The carpet’s addition to her tree house proved to be more useful and popular than anticipated. Soon friends from across the world all wanted one. Soon they too added a unique, custom pop of colour to their home and Art To Step On was born.

Almost two decades later and Art To Step On have found their home in Cape Town. Based in Fish Hoek, Art To Step On continues to create custom designs that capture personal style. Each item is hand painted with acrylic paint and sealed to make it water and fade resistant. 

Versatile Alternative

Like their predecessors, Art To Step On’s floorcloths are a durable, easy-to-clean, non-allergenic alternative to indoor carpets. Covered patios, verandas or beach homes are the best places to use canvas floorcloths. However, being versatile pieces they also look beautiful in lounges, kitchens and under or on top of dining tables.

Make your own canvas creation

Deborah also offers monthly DIY classes in Cape Town. During the class Deborah demonstrates different techniques and gives you hands-on experience so you can make your own canvas floorcloth.

At Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo

Art To Step On will be showcasing their unique designs at Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo. Don’t miss it at the CTICC from 29 August – 1 September 2019.