Paintsmiths, exhibitors at this year’s Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo has developed a must-have paint range that will transform your home. The Atelier range of artisan paint boasts contemporary textures and remarkable finishes for interior spaces – all at affordable costs. We take a closer look at this bespoke collection.


Get the classic antique look with this polished, burnished trowel-on plaster finish.

Funki Putti

Add a funky element to tired wooden pieces with this unique wood filler.



A soft chalky, matt paint that will create a homely feeling.



Robust is a fine glass and stone textured coating that will give your walls that distressed appearance.



A funky, grungy metallic, glass beaded coating for metal and wood surfaces.


A stucco type plaster containing marble dust to give your walls a celestial texture.


Tin Pot

Create a galvanised metal look with this soft water-based finish.



Eco-friendly and water-based, Rockblast will give your walls an industrial finish.



A delicate finish with a metallic lustre that gives the illusion of colour movement.



Get the look of natural marble or granite for a fraction of the cost.



A coating that creates a glazed spatula effect resulting in a unique finish.



Tough crystalline amorphous silicon glass creates a unique retro reflective surface.


To discover more about this artisan range and to see other quality products by Paintsmiths, visit their website: