Over the last 60 odd years, Timber Construction has worked in numerous countries and on a large variety of projects, ranging from hotels, government buildings, mines, office blocks, hospitals and domestic housing. They have extensive knowledge and understanding of timber and composite.

The team gets involved from the conceptualisation stage all the way to admiring the beautifully completed projects with their satisfied customers.

We asked the owner, Byron Dillon, a few questions to give us the low down on the success of their company and what it is that sets them apart from the rest.

Timber Construction

Who is Timber Construction?

Timber Construction is all about customer satisfaction. We are 100% transparent and committed to honesty and integrity in all our business relationships. We only use the best composite and timber materials available, using the most modern installation practices which guarantee the best results.

Our outstanding service record separates us from the rest. This can be confirmed by any or all of our suppliers and customers. We will go the extra mile wherever we can in order to understand and implement your vision and dream – often advising on more practical and functional ideas

How Did It All Start?

My father, Paul, started the business in the United Kingdom in 1960. He completed five years of university, while achieving the highest possible degree there was in timber construction. I started with the business in 1992 and took the reins in 1999.

What Does Timber Construction Specialize In?

Our main focus is on supply and installation of composite and timber decking, wall cladding, decorative privacy screens, stairs, balustrades, pergolas, custom carpentry as well as heritage restoration.

We work in conjunction with architects and builders, from conception to completion during your build or makeover renovation in order to create and achieve the dream lifestyle our clients are looking for.

What Trends and Designs Can We Expect This Summer?

Technology is constantly evolving, so we are always looking for newer and better products in order to create that low to zero maintenance lifestyle we all want. That “kick your shoes off, have a glass of wine and enjoy the view” kind of lifestyle. We encourage our clients to merge outside and inside spaces to create an effortless flow.

The trending colours for this season seem to be grey with a touch of beige and brown, keeping to the earthy feel. Whatever your preference, you can count on Timber Construction to have it or find it for you.

Is Timber Construction Environmentally-Friendly?

We only use 100 percent recycled, environmentally-friendly eco-green certified composite decking. We encourage our clients to only use sustainable forestry timber products. The benefits of using recycled materials are low to zero maintenance features.

What is your Biggest Achievement?

We have stood the test of time and earned the respect and trust of our customers and will continue to do so.

Our projects have been in conjunction with big names in the construction industry like WBHO, FWJK, NWC and BMW. We were hired to do the restoration on Robben Island for four months restoring the old Governor’s residence. We have also worked with some really big names in the hotel industry such as The Bay Hotel in Camps Bay, Radisson Blue, Sun International, Marula Sun and Gabarone Sun. We have even worked across international borders in the United Kingdom, Seychelles, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Large food chain restaurants such as Cape Town Fish Market, Smith & Wolensky, Fat Fish Café and McDonald’s have also been customers.

How has 2020 changed Timber Constructions business?

We can’t get away from the tried and trusted one-on-one meeting with our clients as our product is something you want to touch, smell, kick, jump on and compare. But we are embracing technology to bring our clients closer to that one-on-one meeting by being part of HOMEMAKERS Virtual Event and connecting with our clients through social media platforms.

Connect with Timer Construction online. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.