From vibrant floral murals to marble designs and luxurious textures, wallpaper is here to stay. We asked exhibitor Clare Kearney, Managing Director of Wallpaper Inn what wallpaper trends we should be keeping our eyes out for this year.

What’s new or trending in wallpaper design right now?

Neutral shades are still a prime choice for all living areas but this doesn’t mean you have to opt for understated décor. Marble design that is both contemporary and on trend. Alternatively, adopt the loft living trend with wall murals. The rustic brick design is ideal should you wish to pay homage to the industrial trend that is still going strong this season. If there is one place you can experiment with bright and bold designs, it’s in the bedroom. Floral designs are always a top choice for bedrooms and our floral murals and wallpapers can’t fail to create a colour statement. While the colours are bright, the gentle designs add a romantic softness to the finished look. Greens are known to have soothing qualities and are also a great choice for 2017.

wallpaper inn

wallpaper inn

What inspires new wallpaper designs?

Wallpaper designers draw their inspiration from so many aspects of design and are definitely leaders when it comes to seasonal trends. There is nothing like nature and the change of season to inspire design and redecorating. All things natural have been a huge trend in the last couple years and many designers opted for stone, brick, marble and natural designs in their collections. Huge leaves and palm tree designs were prevalent for 2016/17 and I don’t think they will be gone anytime soon.

Great home design means comfort. Home should reflect your personality without overwhelming the space or overwhelming you.

What materials or colour palettes are you working with now? What attracts you to it?

I love neutrals so I tend to stick to grey and beige as these colours always make up the basis for a range. However we need a few surprises to keep things fresh and our customers are used to bold, bright prints from Wallpaper Inn. My favourite this season is from our collection VIBRANT, called Pindorama Navy. Pindorama is an interesting interlocking leaf and floral design with high gloss highlights that add a shiny and beautiful texture to the wallcovering.

pindorama wallpaper inn
Pindorama Navy from Wallpaper Inn

What does great home design mean to you?

Great home design means comfort. Home should reflect your personality without overwhelming the space or overwhelming you. The seasons will always have a huge role to play in subconsciously changing how you feel about colour and design, but bare in mind that you won’t want to change your wallpaper too often. Choosing a great design, stripe or damask, will have longevity. Choose wisely and seasonal changes with accessories will go a long way in keeping your home looking its best.

wallpaper inn

What do you love about what you do?

I love the constant change and development in design. Creativity is incredible in this industry and it still amazes me how many new ranges and wallpaper designs are produced each year. I love the instant transformation that wallpaper brings, and the beautiful finish to a wall. Our team at Wallpaper Inn are like an extension to my family pulling together to bring our customers beautiful wallpaper and great service.

What can we look forward to from Wallpaper Inn in the coming year?

We will be launching a new wallpaper range towards the end of the year and will hopefully introduce a new kids range. We have just launched our new website with a cleaner look for a more manageable and enjoyable shopping experience.

Head over to Wallpaper Inn’s new website to see their full range of wallpaper designs: