Renette Vosloo is well known for her cooking skills on the show, Ontbytsake and her own cooking show, Rooitamatie (Via). The passionate Cook/Chef, will be sharing her secrets in the Tuis|Home Theatre and telling her story in Books and Banter. Whether you choose to indulge in some edible treats at her demonstrations or cosy up to hear “Die Rooitamatie Storie”, Renette is sure to inspire you to live life with passion, just as she does. We were lucky enough to ask her a few questions before Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo.

What is your favourite meal to cook?

Most definitely anything duck…from crispy whole duck with a spicy orange sauce, to rare duck breast or a Chinese Five Spice pulled duck with Phyllo crisps.

What advice do you have for people who want to change to a healthier lifestyle, particularly when it comes to food?

Cut all sugars to a zero in your diet. Stick to the 80 / 2 0 rule: eat healthy (raw, fresh, low carb, healthy fat and protein) 80% of the time and “cheat” 20% of the time…that way you will feel fulfilled and not get to a “throw it all to the wind” point.

Where does the inspiration for your dishes come from?

For my weekly Ontbytsake recipes, I basically start out with the wine of the week winemakers tasting notes. I love to dream up new ways to bring out traditional wine flavors like berries, red fruits, plum, tobacco, oak, flowers, pepper etc and reflect it in the recipe. I also take our guest of the week into consideration ie, is it a man or woman, perhaps they are vegetarian or may have religious dietary requirements and also incorporate that into my food story of the week. As the saying goes…chefs tell stories with their food and that is exactly what I try to do every week on Ontbytsake. The job description itself fits my personality to a tee!

What is the one cooking product you can’t live without?


Why are stories so important to your cooking journey?

I have a romance with words…I love to write down my thoughts and memories and especially love to come up with new ways to pair or shape words as we call it in Afrikaans “nuutskeppings”. The artistic freedom of writing fascinates me. To be able to string words like pearls together and to translate that onto a plate is the most precious thing for me to be able to do. Lyrics of songs have always also opened up new food visions for me. In Rooitamatie, my cooking show on Via TV, I share our food journey and in season 2 we brought the music which featured in different parts of my family’s life into play as well.

Renette Vosloo will be cooking her favourite recipes from her cookbook, Die Rooitomatie Storie in the Tuis|Home Theatre on Saturday, 2 March and Sunday, 3 March from 11:30 – 12:30. On Sunday, 3 March from 14:00 she will be telling her story in the Books and Banter Theatre.

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