Africa is trending. We are in the spotlight for everything from fashion and film to visual arts and design. Creating a space in your home that is inspired by the African aesthetic is a great idea if you’re keeping up with décor trends. African décor and design elements can give your home a warm, sophisticated feel. Check out our Designer Spaces designers who are all using Africa as inspiration for 2020’s InHabit theme.

Decorative tribal elements are easy to achieve and never go out of style. Incorporating raw elements and hand-crafted items like woven baskets and mats are a good start. We love bright beadwork, monochromatic prints and well thought out colour schemes to create African ambience in your home or office. Here are a few elements you can include to get the perfect look.

Raw Materials

Raw wood, leather, and stone are three key elements to incorporate into your African inspired space. It gives a sense of earthiness and keep in mind that earthy colours can be found in metals like gold, bronze and even silver.

Tapestry Play

African skins are not the only way to bring an eclectic look into your space. Although they still work well, consider making use of beautifully designed wall tapestries or carpets. Wall tapestries are great because unlike wall art, you do not have to frame it to make it look stylish.

African Decor

Bright Accents

Bright colours may be a given when creating an African inspired room, but balance is key. Consider using monochromatic items in your furniture and artworks and add bright accents with artisanal crafts, scatter cushions and lampshades or vice versa.

Indoor Plants

Surrounding yourself with typically African greenery is a sure way to create the illusion of being outdoors. Africa is all about spending time outdoors and taking in the fresh air and warm sun. Recreate this feeling inside by incorporating indigenous house plants.

Handmade Goodies

Handmade is usually local and local is lekker. We have so many creative artisans in South Africa that it’s a must to support local artists. Include handmade art or crafts to bring subtle flair to your space. Sometimes it’s the small things that put the big picture into perspective.

African inspired décor is not just for upmarket guest houses and game lodges anymore. Balancing modernity and authentic African design is easier than ever because there’s so much to choose from right here on our doorstep. The trend has taken over the world, but unlike other continents, we do not have to search far and wide to find exclusive African pieces. Enjoy Africa in Africa.