We are pleased to announce our second Designer Spaces designer. With Expo time nearing, there are so many things to get excited about and our Expo designer features is one of them!

Amanda Mlombo is the owner, interior decorator and designer of Blush Affluent. She has always possessed a keen sense for interior design and focuses her design aesthetic on conceptualising authentic interior design. 

Designer Identity

Mlombo is known for her decluttering and organisational skills in design. The mother of two has travelled the world, which has, in turn, inspired her renovated and newly designed spaces.

Multidisciplinary Design

Her successful interior design company specialises in interiors, homeware, furniture and consulting. Blush Interiors includes aspects of design, like lighting specifications, architectural detailing, sourcing, project management and consulting.

Blush Homeware is a dynamic, trendy range of homeware. Her Blush Furniture range focuses on the craft and tradition of furniture, the unfolding of textures and the creation of new spaces. Mlombo’s consulting side of business deals directly with sourcing and procurement to ensure your décor and design needs are met.

Designer Spaces Blush Affluent

What She Had to Say

We asked Mlombo a few questions about future trend predictions, what InHabit means to her and what South Africans should invest in when it comes to home décor. 

What does our 2020 theme InHabit mean to you?

InHabit for me translates to “home is where the heart is”. It’s a place where I can live freely and at the same time, create a legacy that allows me to enjoy and be myself.

What is the one thing every South African should invest in when it comes to interior design?

South Africans should invest in authentic products that have been skillfully re-used or are reusable. By supporting this, one has invested in the skills of an unknown individual that is local. Colour is very much the definition of South African style, and that is why I believe earthy tones and hues will always be an ongoing trend. 

What are your colour predictions for 2020?

The use of bold colours like purple and orange. I also think the colour green will never fade through history. It’s simply a colour that represents us and our natural vegetation. I also predict that the colour bronze might be on its way back.

What is something or someone that you look to for inspiration?

I’m inspired by nature and quiet settings, natural fibres and the transitions of authentic materials. I am inspired by individuals who are brilliant with their hands and can produce amazing art pieces from different sectors. As interior decorators, we should look for inspiration from local artists and their skills. This way job creation in our country can be addressed. Lastly, I’m inspired by using my business to inspire and grow other people who need it. 

How do you combine beauty and functionality?

Beauty to me can be a combination of qualities and functionality speaks practicality. We do this through the re-use of natural materials and converting them to art pieces and furniture that suits the spaces they would exist in.  I believe the functionality of a space is one that you can live and relax in. Comfort is always key.

Our next HOMEMAKERS Designer Spaces feature will be highlighting the career and design approach from designer Sweet Savannah.