If you have been following our Designer Spaces Challenge designers, you surely know how excited we are to share the designer’s with our readers. Our latest designers in the challenge is Marina Sidonia Brown and Taryn Jacobson. This interior design and landscaping team, along with their partner Wayne Brodie are known for their urban – boho renovation of the downtown Joburg rooftop into the iconic event venue and café, Living Room. Considered a “growing showroom” of their range of design and manufacturing expertise. The team offers design solutions that are turnkey and one-of-a-kind.  

The designers were born and bred in the City of Gold where they met whilst acquiring their BA degrees in Interior Design. Brown completed her BA Honours In Interior Design, and procured projects all over Africa from Rwanda to luxury apartments in Sandton, while Jacobson and Brodie started the venue; Living Room. Brown soon joined the Living Room team, as a partner, heading up the design and interior division, Living Room Style.

We asked the team a few questions where they shared their trend forecasts and personal stories of inspiration.

What does InHabit mean to you? 

Our minds and thoughts are filled with the spaces that we inhabit. We have always been interested in the interplay of the concept of inside and outside, of home and public spaces. We enjoy creating spaces that combine these opposites. For our eco restaurant, Living Room we created lush gardens on a bare rooftop in the concrete jungle. The indoor-outdoor space is a haven in the city. Inhabit alludes to the very concept of why we design. To best create spaces where life will happen, a home to inhabit, a place where the heart lies, where we connect, relax, rest, sleep and live out our dreams. 

What is one thing every South African should invest in when it comes to interior design?

One of our slogans is #fortheloveofplants. We truly believe in the integration of the wisdom of the living world around us, and the list of benefits of using real plants in the built environment. As sustainability is still the growing important solution to our increasing world problems, we think that natural design and eco-materials will continue being the greatest trend. 

Designer Living Room Style

What are your interior decorating trend predictions for 2020?

 We have always focused on plants and natural materials in our designs and styling. We think this trend is here to stay! Over the last few years, we have seen so many botanical and florals in fabrics, textiles, wallpapers, shapes and in the incorporation of spaces. Of course, plants have already been in our homes for many years, yet the unisexual appeal of houseplants have inspired new trends for the redesign of vertical gardens, wall pots, stylish plant stands, pots and shelves. 

How do you combine beauty and functionality?

Creating a sense of beauty and functionality is what design is all about. For us, it starts with contemplating all the needs and ergonomics of the space and defining the aesthetic code and style. When you are inspired by nature and its variety of tones and textures, (as we are) the choices become guided by the truth to materials and the subtle blend of styles that we carry in our designer toolbox. 

What is something or someone you always turn to for inspiration?

We are inspired by nature. Surrounding ourselves with nature allows us to be constantly reminded of so many things that are important to our design. It gives us an idea of how to create a space that might change regularly as part of its function. Nature shows us the most delicate element of architecture in flowers and plants. We are also inspired by treasures and handmade items that are detailed and special. Items we collect on our travels and suppliers we work with for custom handmade pieces constantly inspire us.

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