Starting the journey to becoming a homeowner is both exciting and daunting. Having one place where you can get almost everything you need to make your house a home makes it so much easier. As an official partner, Eco Interior will be showing off their all encompassing range of products in the Eco Interior KITCHEN Theatre and restaurant at the Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo.

How did Eco Interior and its multiple divisions (lawns, interiors, appliances) start? 

We are property investors by trade. It came to our attention that homeowners are often times overwhelmed with the whole process and tend to stagnate once it comes to their own homes. Over the years we have build up a reputation and network for quality supplies and our friends started asking for assistance. It started snowballing into a full service where we can help you with every step of the building or renovation process. 

As we cover almost every aspects of property upgrades – our range had to encompass it all. Even though everything is property related, it has the main focus of quality, at cost-effective prices that are sustainable to your pocket and the environment.

Which product from your range is your favourite? 

Our artificial lawn and hedges for an instant make-over! Sites literally change from drab to total va-va-VOOM within hours. Saving pesticides, water, energy, time… Made from recycled materials and UV-resistant. What is not to love?

Eco Smart Lawn. Picture from Eco Interior Website.

What makes Eco Interior stand out?

We offer the lowest price guarantee on all of our listed products. We specialize in only the highest quality brands, but we use our combined buying power to your benefit. You could buy almost everything you need to complete a house from the foundation phase right up to the finishes and plugging in the appliances. We have great brands under our roof that you would certainly love: Bosch, Whirlpool, LG, Smeg, Azura flooring, Belgotex, Nouwens, Van Dyck, Grohe taps to name a few.

The theme for this year is Raw Comfort, what does Raw Comfort mean to you?

Raw is unpretentious. Raw brings comfort. Raw is pure and natural. Raw will always be on trend. 

What trends are you seeing at the moment?

Be real and authentic – whether it is on your persona or your own house. Choose items that are the real you. Be authentic in what you love and what you stand for. You can mix up old and modern in gorgeous ways as long as it reflects you. That way your investments will continue to grow towards a bigger vision. Make your house the one you want to be at. The one that welcomes others.

Why did Eco Interior get involved with HOMEMAKERS Expo this year?

We were keen to book a stand. Our range covers such a wide spectrum that it was best to build a mini-house as a showcase. We are very proud to partner with the Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo to bring you the Eco Interior Kitchen which will host the lovely Izelle Hoffman‘s demonstrations as well as the Eco Smart Garden Restaurant. We are creating a stunning place for visitors to enjoy refreshments, recharge and browse through the materials they’ve collected at the stands.

Which item can a home not do without? 

Each house needs an energy-saving and water-saving solution.It brings about significant savings, which frees up cash flow for ongoing projects at your house.

What advice do you have for homeowners who are looking to redecorate or renovate their homes? 

Draw the full vision. Compile a budget and appoint a sourcing agent to help you get the best products at the best prices. You will save time and money and benefit from an extraordinary service that will remove all the grey hairs out of the construction process. Then work towards your final vision. It is 100% fine if you cannot do it all at once – but work towards a certain look and feel. Jumping around will cause frustration and loss of income. Speak to us as to what would be a great property investment. Not all upgrades are wise. Each upgrade should bring your closer to achieving a higher selling price for your house – even if you only plan to sell it once you reach retirement. Your property is one of your biggest investments – let us help you nurture its growth.

Buy your tickets for the Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo happening from 29 August to 1 September at the CTICC here.