Johan and Annica van Rensburg’s new luxury home in Groblersdaal is not only gorgeous but built from eco-friendly materials and runs entirely on renewable energy.

The house, set in the bushveld of Gauteng, boasts stunning features like 360 degree views, has a breezy atmosphere and is connected to the exterior through wooden flooring. It is designed by architect Bradly Clark of Foo Dog Designs. We chatted to the home owners about what it’s like to live completely off-the-grid.

What made you decide to go off the grid? It is more sustainable and  eco-friendly and since we have an abundance of sunlight in this area, it’s just common sense.

Can you describe some of the green features of your home? It is fully powered by solar energy, hasborehole, there’s rain water catchments, includes a biogas system, and an eco pool.

What are your favourite rooms of your new home? Every room has a different atmosphere, personality and functionality. So the favorite rooms change with the seasons… Our main bedroom stays the ultimate favorite because it is elevated and has 360 degrees windows with unobstructed views for sunrise, sunset and game viewing.

What is your favorite thing about living off the grid? Not being dependent on Randwater and Eskom shenanigans! It’s good to know that we are trying to make a difference to the sustainability of resources and the environment.

What is the hardest thing about living in your new home? Have you had to make any lifestyle adjustments? It is quite the opposite, as the transition was completely painless and pleasurable. It fits us like a glove!

Do you have any advice for people thinking about going off the grid? It sounds initially a big effort and a sacrifice. But in reality it is just a mindset shift that is rewarded with spiritually liberating and ecologically beneficial results. But can only succeed if you are 100% committed to the idea.






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