The chandelier was once only seen in formal estates, but today we see them hanging in homes everywhere. Port Elizabeth HOMEMAKERS Expo exhibitor, Selective Lighting share expert advice on how and where to hang a chandelier in your home.

Chandeliers add elegance and style to any space of your home. But what happens if you get it wrong? Knowing the right size and where you should hang it can be an overwhelming task, but we have some guidelines to help you along.


The design of your chandelier needs to be considered and it should match the space that you want to put it in. The style and visual weight of the fitting will impact the size that your space can accommodate. A visually heavy fitting can be a little smaller, while a visually light fitting can be wider.


The taller your ceiling is, the taller your chandelier can be. Multiply the ceiling height by 2.5 – 3 and that will give you the recommended height.

The roomier the space, the wider your chandelier can be. Measure the length and width of the space, add them together and that will give you the diameter of the chandelier.

#FUNFACT: For dining rooms keep the diameter about 30cm narrower than the table width.


What To Consider When Hanging A Chandelier

Picking the right place to hang your chandelier will inevitably make or break a room. You want to enhance the overall look of the room while keeping the fitting functional. If it’s is too close to the ceiling, the light won’t distribute properly and if it’s too low down it will disrupt traffic flow.


For dining rooms, kitchen islands and breakfast nooks always leave about 80cm between the surface of the table and the bottom of the chandelier. If you are looking to hang a chandelier over your bath then make sure that there is enough room for you to get in and out of the tub. If there isn’t then consider hanging the fitting in the centre of your bathroom. Most chandelier fittings have an adjustable hanging length, but double check this when purchasing your fitting in case you need flexibility.

Centring your chandelier above a table, bed or other surfaces will help define a space and create a focal point.


Your home should reflect your personal style and what better way to add some stunning style than with a beautiful chandelier? If you would like more information about their services or light fittings, please visit their stand at the Port Elizabeth HOMEMAKERS Expo, pop over to their website or contact Bradley Muller on 041 365 2636 and for more information. Visit their show room at 28 West Street, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth.