Starting 2017 as a furniture design business, Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo ExhibitorJD Collab has since evolved into projects a bit closer to owner, Jessica Leigh’s heart, pets. As a local two-man business JD Collab’s innovative pet furniture, beds, houses and animal inspired wall designs give animals and animal lovers something special that looks great in any home.

Jessica Leigh’s favourite designs are the cat igloo, Newton Bed and the Couch. “The projects I enjoy working on the most are the ones that are the most technical – that once you have put it together you just have that moment of amazement that its done. We enjoy pushing the boundaries of design so when a customer wants a unique custom made design, that’s what I love the most – the opportunity to create a once-off completely unique piece,” says Jessica Leigh.

Cat Igloo by JD Collab. Image provided by JD Collab


Although relatively new, JD Collab stands out for their unique, functional and durable designs. It is clear that the designs are inspired by a love of animals and nature.

When asked about her thoughts on this year’s Raw Comfort theme, Jessica Leigh says she thinks it encompasses JD Collab quite well. “…We strive to create things that are completely unique and made from sustainable materials. We want to create that piece that makes you happy and content at home by having it in your space. Another key focus of JD Collab, is being personable and accommodating – we love it when our customers ask us to create something new and exciting or tweak our designs to be better suited to them. We really try to make the entire experience one-on-one as oppose to going online and choosing something generic,” she continues.

Jessica Leigh advises  to choose items that speak to you instead of going for the popular choice when redecorating.

If you are looking for something unique for your home, you can share your ideas with JD Collab at the Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo at the CTICC from 29 August – 1 September. The team always appreciate a visit so you can see the new, creative things they are making.