The Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo has a long history of showcasing some of the regions top talents in design and décor. Each year, the judging of the Expo falls to a panel of impressive industry leaders and experts. This year, we’ve lined up three top names in interior design and lifestyle journalism to decide who will walk home with the prestigious stand awards. 2018’s judges are Marius Hitge, Owner of Marius Hitge & Co,  Sumien Brink, Editor-in-Chief of VISI, and Marcia Margolius, Editor of SA Decor and Design and Award Winning Blog: Marcia loves it.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Marcia Margolius:  I am an interior designer, writer and editor. My publications Create a Stylish Home, Skep ʼn Tuis met Styl, Leef Ruimtes, Living Spaces, Bed and Bath, Kitchen and Dining, and the annual SA Décor & Design – The Buyers’ Guide attract and connect thousands of design lovers and décor enthusiasts from around the globe.

Marius Hitge: For the last 32 years I’ve run a small creative company. I’m passionate about client service and attention to detail. The landscape of interiors is shaped through innovative design and concepts that communicate the client’s brand and expectations. I also live with three dogs, cats and geese on a small olive grove in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Sumien Brink:  I’m Editor-in-Chief of VISI and Plascon SPACES. I live right in the centre of Cape Town. I have two kids that live in neighbouring countries and a granddaughter whose favourite thing in the whole world is a “krimpvarkie”!

Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo Judges
Marius Hitge, owner of Marius Hitge & Co

2. Where is your hometown and has this been a source of inspiration for you? How?

Marcia Margolius: Cape Town – I am South African. This country is filled with so many cultures and creativity – we have so much to offer the world.

Marius Hitge: Cape Town is my hometown and yes it has. There is an eclectic mix of people and design aesthetics that inspire me.

Sumien Brink:  Although I grew up in Mpumalanga I have been living in Cape Town since the late seventies and don’t ever want to live anywhere else. The best about living in Cape Town is that I am always so happy to come home!!!

3. The theme for this year’s Expo is “For Real Homes”. What design choices do you make to bring an authentic element into your living space, and do you have any advice for our visitors?

Marius Hitge: Bold statement pieces and eastern culture influences. I like to play with contrasting colours and textures and have a harmonious, contemporary, eclectic aesthetic.

Sumien Brink: To create a Real Home you have to surround yourself with things you love. I believe it should be a good mix of new stuff, old stuff and stuff that just makes you smile when you see it.

Marcia Margolius: Real Homes, lived-in homes – it’s all part of your lifestyle and personality! Fill them with memories – that’s what makes a house feel like a REAL HOME!

My 6 steps…

  1. Don’t rush out to buy
  2. Mix and Match not matchy matchy
  3. Good Lighting
  4. Be Organised in your display for Dressing to Dining and Food Preparations. (Think of the steps it takes you to dress or to prepare a small salad – make sure everything is at easy reach and well organised)
  5. Home Entertainment set the tones
  6. Scent is my personal signature in my home
Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo Judge
Marcia Margolius, Editor of SA Decor and Design and Award Winning Blog: Marcia loves it.

4. Why did you decide to participate in the Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo again this year?

Marius Hitge: It is so nice to see so much new talent and being a part of this show for so long, it has been amazing to see how much it has grown as well as seeing the quality improving each year.

Sumien Brink:  I love this Expo because it is without any pretence and if you are in a renovation state of mind it shows you exactly what is available on the local market.

5. What do you look for in a stand? Any specific criteria?

Marcia Margolius: I look at each stand as an installation and how I can take that product and visualize it in the interiors to be used!

Marius Hitge: Refreshing colours, exciting textures and movement in the design.

Sumien Brink: It must showcase the product clearly and intrigue visitors.

6. Are you introduced to new products at the Expo?

Marius Hitge: Yes, all the time.

Sumien Brink: Always and in the most unexpected ways.

7. Do you have a favourite item or product that you have purchased or ordered from suppliers at the Expo?

Marius Hitge: There are too many to choose from.

Sumien Brink: Because I’m a Libran I can never just choose one!

HOMEMAKERS Judge Sumien Brink, Editor-in-Chief of VISI (Credit: Micky Hoyle)
Sumien Brink, Editor-in-Chief of VISI (Credit: Micky Hoyle)

8. In your view, what is the biggest décor trend this year? (Going into Spring & Summer)

Marius Hitge: Metallic finishes such as rose gold, terracotta and bold oversized tropical floral prints with big leaves and big birds.

Marcia Margolius: Fabrics: luscious velvet! Rich new shades violet, navy and striking emerald green. Moody interiors. Texture is a big one too. Furniture that’s natural and handmade (rattan and wicker). Darker wood tones for retro glamour and a modern luxe. Fabrics with embellishments, fringes, raw edges and appliqué details –irresistible to the touch. Flowers and Botanical Prints! Finishes: Marble effect for any surface and Metallics less gold more brass. Palms still in but look out for the pineapple.

Sumien Brink: The current move is looking back, moving forward. Brands reviving and reintroducing designs from their archives. Look out for black everywhere from dining chairs to taps to basins but strong colours like vibrant red is also very important. People love images of minerals – marble, quarts, agate and terrazzo – printed on fabrics. It’s exciting to mix the hard visual texture of stone with the softness of cloth. There are many new versions of fake lawn available that looks like the real thing so you don’t have to worry about the water bill.

Visit the 2018 Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo to see all the winning stands and other exciting highlights at the show. Discover more here: