For over five decades, Tafelberg Furnishers have been serving the public with quality products. From appliances and beds to furniture and audio-visual equipment – Tafelberg Furnishers have everything the homeowner needs to make their home as good as it can get. We chatted to CEO, Riaan Lamprecht to find out more about what trends we can expect in the next year and what some of their best-sellers have been over the years.  

Tafelberg Furnishers

Big Bold Colours  

Riaan says because homes are smaller nowadaysmany couches and occasional chairs are being sold in bold and bright colours. Consumer demand for bright colours has increased significantly, he says, making bright coloured furniture a win for Spring/Summer 2021.   

Tafelberg Furnishers is always keen on showcasing the newest and trendiest homeware and appliances. Riaan continues, “we are seeing bright colours in appliances too – from kettles and toasters to coffee machines and crockery”. 

The Favourites  

Large appliances are our most sold products,” says Riaan. Products like washing machines, stoves, fridges and freezers are very popular but so are TVs. TVs are replaced quite often because of how fast technology changes – and we sell a lot of TVs”.  

Good quality beds are also something that people are investing in because they are more health-conscious and understand the benefits of a good bed says Riaan. “We have a dedicated team at Tafelberg Furnsihers who specialise in selling beds and can explain to customers in detail what product will be best for them”. 

We asked Riaan what has been the hottest seller in the last couple of months and he laughs saying; definitely heaters. “We have sold a couple thousand this winter. Our warehouses were running on empty”, he smiles. 

Smart Appliances  

Riaan talks about the importance of smart appliances and says “we rely heavily on innovative suppliers. Smaller spaces require better technology as it encourages one to use their space more efficiently and to ultimately make life more convenient”. Smart technology allows you to spend more time with your family because your smart appliances can do so much for you. You don’t have to be home to wash or dry a load of laundry anymore. 

The Virtual Experience  

We are very excited about the Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo Virtual Event, says Riaan. It makes sense under the circumstances and the virtual show allows customers to browse everyone’s products from the comfort of their own home. Virtual shows will allow us to reach customers we could not reach before and that is a big benefit for us”.  

The AV Emporium  

Tafelberg Furnishers will also feature in the Virtual Event’s feature area; The AV Emporium. Here you can expect to see the latest in audio-visual equipment and technology. Tafelberg Furnishers stock all the most popular brands to shop and discover during the event. 

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