Each year Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo looks to creatively support a local charity organisation. This year the Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG) has been chosen as the beneficiary of funds raised through your bids on the bespoke furniture, textile and art designs created in the Design, Art and Textile Design ComPETition in association with Hill’s Pet Nutrition and DARG.

About DARG

Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG) is a pro-life animal shelter based in Hout Bay. 

It was established in 1999 and is the sole beneficiary of The Gio Sanctuary for Animals Trust, which owns the land upon which the charity operates. 

DARG rehabilitates and re-homes lost, abandoned, abused and neglected animals.  It also educates local disadvantaged communities, in particular their children, on how to care for their animals. 

Besides the over 200 animals at the facility, DARG also helps dogs and cats in the surrounding lower-income communities of Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg.

“We assist these communities by doing sterilisations, emergency veterinary care, basic pet care and general veterinary treatments,” says DARG’s managing director Faustina Gardner. 

Looking to the Future

One of DARG’s greatest needs is to build an on-site Community Clinic to benefit the animals in the lower-income Hout Bay communities.  

DARG deals with several emergencies per week such as animals hit by cars, Parvo virus, stab wounds, dog fight wounds etc.  The clinic will allow quick, easy and immediate treatment of animals that are brought to DARG by pet-owners, especially on weekends and public holidays when vets are not available.  

The clinic will also facilitate an increase in the number of animals that can be sterilised on a weekly basis. 

The ComPETition 

Design, Art and Textile Design ComPETition

The Design ComPETition is all about bespoke pet furniture such as designer beds, cat perches and multi-functional furniture to name a few. 

The top 15 finalists in each category will be on display for the duration of the Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo happening from 29 August to 1 September at the CTICC.  

You can help raise funds for DARG by bidding for your favourite design or artwork for your furry friend. 

“The Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo Design ComPETition in association with Hill’s Pet Nutrition, is an incredible way for DARG to raise funds as we do not receive Government funding and rely on the goodwill of public and corporate support,” says DARG’s fundraiser Debra Buys.  “The funding received from this event will be earmarked to help our Community Clinic become a reality,” she continues.

How else you can get involved at DARG

You can volunteer to walk the dogs or spend time with the cats at DARG. You can also get involved in DARG’s events and fundraising initiatives through schools, companies and individual efforts.  

DARG also has a Garage Shop and a Book Shop and always need volunteers to assist.  Some of DARG’s dogs would benefit from being in foster homes so this is another way to help.