Living “off-the-grid” is becoming a desirable lifestyle choice as people are encouraged to reduce their carbon footprint and save on ever increasing electricity bills. However, the idea of starting the off grid journey can be a daunting one for most people and just finding a starting point can seem to be an impossible task.

This year’s Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo will invigorate and inspire visitors with our all-new energy efficient feature in collaboration with Bradley Clark of eco-friendly design house, FOO DOG Design. This interactive concept area will navigate visitors through a step-by-step process with all the industry jargon stripped back. You’ll discover simple to follow processes to help you take your off grid dreams as far as you can afford or feel comfortable with.

You’ll be introduced to 4 simple stages – the first two stages are preparing and assessing your home to go off grid, resulting in lower electricity bills. The third stage will show you how to generate your own energy and how to use alternative energy sources to electricity. The fourth stage of this feature area gives you the chance to get tips and insight from green activists, industry leaders, and experts dedicated to sustainable living in the home, office and everyday life.

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