Each year HOMEMAKERS invite a local charity to exhibit at the Expo as part of our corporate social investment drive. This year it’s all about Training Trainers – ​Isivuno provides training and curriculum to preschool teachers working particularly in rural or disadvantaged areas.

Isivuno Training strive to empower and assist women to start and run preschools (especially to those who do not have a formal qualification and who provide a service in homes or a small preschool). They offer biblically integrated training and curriculum and in so doing enhance children’s education. They further empower students in the areas of high school mathematics and life skills. Since the start of the sessions in September 2017 a total of almost 40 students attended sessions with an average between 10 and 15 at each session.

We chatted to Dr Sarie Snyders, Training Director of Isivuno on why they place so much focus on preschools. “Research shows that a large number (in some areas as high as 75%) of learners starting school do not finish Grade 12. It further showed that the best time to address this problem is at preschool age. We want to give children a better chance to be school ready and therefore to perform better at school.” says Snyders.

Isivuno also understands how essential Mathematics is to young learners. Without even thinking of Maths pass rates, the reality is that many children from disadvantaged areas struggle with mathematics and need additional support. “We want to give under privileged children a better future and offer women an opportunity to create employment for themselves. We encourage them to follow our mentoring programme, implementing what they have learnt, and also assist to register their preschool with the Department of Social Development, which is a requirement according to the Children’s Act.” Snyders adds.

Isivuno’s trainers are all volunteers and their income is generated primarily by their fundraising events, donations from companies, individuals and churches. Their biggest expense is their training material that preschools teachers receive. Visit the Isivuno Training stand at this year’s Port Elizabeth HOMEMAKERS Expo and learn how you can get involved and support this worthy cause.