Our Live by Design Pets feature, a brand new addition to the Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo is especially curated for those who love their pets.

Find fashionable collars, designer pet beds, beautifully designed bowls and nutritious pet food to spoil your animal companion. There’ll be exciting giveaways and prizes to be won too.

Exhibitor: Swanky Mongrel
Exhibitor: Wolf and Woman
Pets expo
Exhibitor: McMac Pet SA
Exhibitor: Wuma!
Exhibitot: Dog’s Life Apparel


Donate water for animals in need

Expo visitors will  be given the opportunity to help alleviate the water crisis affecting the Western Cape and save animals from Day Zero. Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo together with Water for Paws invite visitors to bring bottled water to the show which will be donated to animal shelters around the drought-stricken province.

Donated bottles of water can be dropped off at the Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo Ticket Office upon arrival at the show.

Cash donations can be made at the Water for Paws stand in the Live By Design: Pets feature area. It will go a long way in sustaining the health of many animals suffering the brunt of the current drought in the region.

About Water for Paws

The Water for Paws campaign was established earlier this January by Fiona Dimio to make sure our furry friends have enough water to survive the serious drought affecting the Cape. Their mission is to establish water drop-off and collection points throughout the South African provinces. People, companies and organisations can drop off containers, filled with water, at these locations. Water for Paws will then arrange transportation to these drought-stricken areas in order to help animals in need.

Stay updated with the latest news from Water for Paws. Visit their website and follow them on Facebook: www.facebook.com/waterforpaws

Be sure to visit the Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo at the Ticketpro Dome from 22 – 25 February. See all the details here: www.homemakersonline.co.za/expo/johannesburg