There is one thing that can turn managing a rental property into an admin nightmare – utilities. When a property shares a municipality meter with tenants and landlords, it invariably results in admin-intensive management of meters, payments and assessments. Fortunately, there is no reason why any landlord should have to go through this process every month, if at all, with prepaid electricity.   

Go Prepaid  

Prepaid electricity uses pay-as-you-go sub-meters that are connected to the main utility meter. The tenant gains control over their electricity use – they get what they pay for, no more and no less – and the landlord doesn’t have to worry about whether payments will be made or endure arguments about billing or usage. Citiq Prepaid is one of South Africa’s leading prepaid utility sub-metering service providers because our rates are lower, our products are of exceptional quality, and we work with landlords to give them the support they need in managing tenant utilities with ease.   

With our prepaid sub-metering solutions, landlords can transform a granny flat, apartment, backyard or spare space into a rental unit without worrying about how electricity usage will be measured or managed. Tenants will also appreciate the fact that they can manage their budgets more effectively and retain control over their usage and costs. Citiq Prepaid sends the funds paid into the prepaid sub-meter directly to the landlord on the second day of the month so they can pay the electricity service provider on time, and in full, without any financial risk. The funds are held in a trust managed by the Estate Agency Affairs Board so the money is safe, secure, and managed with integrity.   

Your Only Solution   

Citiq Prepaid’s utility sub-metering solutions don’t just stand out in the market for their quality and their efficiency. We offer value-added services and solutions that have been designed to make the life of the landlord and the tenant easier and more efficient. Our online portal offers reporting and management tools so landlords can keep track of meters and consumption – often helping to find a potential problem before it becomes expensive – and our network of approved contractors can help with installation and troubleshooting. Visit our website to find out more about our solutions and products and to find the closest retailer to purchase a Citiq Prepaid meter and get started with efficient tenant utility management.  

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