Izelle Hoffman is SA’s sweetheart in the culinary industry. With a bright and loving personality paired with her lust for life and a positive attitude, we can understand why she is so adored the country over. Izelle grew up on a farm which instilled a passion for food and creative ways to develop her healthy culinary dishes and cooking styles. Izelle also recently launched her new cookbook titled; Mindful Eating. In her book, she shares her favourite recipes to assist you with your optimal health journey.

Izelle is also a successful television lifestyle chef and food editor for Muscle and Fitness, Hers and Men’s Fitness Magazine. She appears on SA’s largest television breakfast show, Die Groot Ontbyt. She has also been showcased on The Home Channel’s Real Health numerous times.

We had a chance to ask Izelle a few questions about what visitors can expect at her demonstration at The Garden Table show feature. She shares a few of her culinary insights below.

What can visitors expect from your demo at The Garden Table show feature?

I always say “for the love of healthy living”! I cook with love and a whole lot of passion for the right ingredients. If you start with the right ingredients, meaning healthy and healing ingredients, it doesn’t matter what you end up cooking, as it would be a healthy masterpiece!

What is the inspiration behind your new cookbook; Mindful Eating?

Born with Congenital Hip Dysplasia and 14 operations later, I aim to make people aware of the health benefits of eating the right foods and choosing a life of health and wellness! I am differently-abled, NOT disabled. So, what is your excuse?

Is it just us or is 2020 the year of the plant-based diet. What other healthy lifestyle trends are big in 2020?

I do believe each to their own, for me it is about finding the perfect balance when it comes to anti-inflammatory foods because I eat for optimal health.

What is your favourite go-to meal on a busy day?

I am a big believer in meal prep and planning ahead. Time and health are two of the most precious commodities. Neither of which can be bought. Invest time in your health. It is the best investment that you will ever make.

If you could only choose one ingredient from your garden to include in your cooking what will it be?

I am in love with herbs! Can I choose herbs as a collective?

What is the easiest/most versatile ingredient for beginners to grow in their home gardens?

I think to start with onions, parsley, some garlic, rosemary, thyme, mint and basil. While you are at is, spinach is also easy to grow and such a versatile ingredient as well.

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