The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s usually the first place you meet in the morning and with a fresh cuppa at hand, it’s also the best place in your home where the family comes together. The kitchen is not only a place for preparing and cooking food anymore. It’s a communication hub for the family and with smart technology and clever designs – also a place for interconnectivity.    

We decided to chat to UNIQUE KITCHENS representative, Penny Calitz who shares the inside scoop on trends and style and essentially, why UNIQUE KITCHENS have managed to stay in business for so many years. Established in 1991, UNIQUE KITCHENS prides itself in providing clients with the highest quality products available in the industry – all with a family-inspired all-can-do attitude!  

Unique Kitchens

What’s Hot  

Grey has become very popular. We play with many shades of grey and people still love white. We can create luxury-inspired looks for anyone’s budget. Melamine is popular because it offers so many variations in colours and styles. We work with Timber too and sometimes still veneer.   

Optimising Space  

The most important thing one can do when it comes to optimising space is to listen to the client, says Penny. What clients need and how they operate as a family is what inspires every project. “We design our kitchens uniquely for every home. Pantries are still popular for their added storage facilities and people like the practicality of them. Kitchen islands are also great for optimising space and functionality” Penny also says that they are also seeing little coffee stations and gin bars in kitchens which are also designed according to people’s needs.  

Unique Kitchens

The Materials   

UNIQUE KITCHENS specialise in many materials, from marble and engineered stone to Timber and melamine. “We use marble mostly in bathrooms and for vanity counters, Penny continues. HOMEMAKERS agrees that marble remains a classic look in bathrooms. Engineered Stone has a vast, beautiful range and is becoming more popular too. The great thing about engineered stone is that it is easy to match colours and tones with your home, says Penny. 

Great Offers  

Penny says they are known for their large colour selection of melamine products and this gives clients more freedom when choosing their colour scheme. “Pastel tones and colour washes are also trendy and affordable – we love being able to offer these options to all our customers. We also offer great solutions to practicality and customers like the convenience of that.   

Penny ends by saying “The family environment of our business allows us to give our clients what they want. You walk the walk with your clients in these types of projects and they usually become our friends too – which is always a win for us”!  

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