Patio Warehouse have once again created a beautiful display at Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo. We spoke to Mia Delport, Patio Warehouse Marketing Manager about the Patio Warehouse story and the top patio trends for this year.

How did Patio Warehouse start?

Patio Warehouse is a family affair. Michael Delport and his three children Danie Delport, Jeanné Holtzhausen and Jacques Delport started Patio Warehouse in Randburg, in June 2005. Through very hard work and eventually success, they opened their 4 other stores in Somerset West, Centurion, Canal Walk and Umhlanga. Very soon Patio Warehouse George, will open their doors!

What do you think has been the key to Patio Warehouse’s success over the past 15 years?

Firstly family – everybody works well together, and everyone trusts each other to make the right decisions. There is no red tape like normal corporations. When they see an opportunity, they take it, and can quickly act on it.

Why does Patio Warehouse continue to exhibit at HOMEMAKERS Expo?

People visiting Homemakers Expo are interested in everything to do with their home. May it be decorating, renovating or cooking – they will definitely be interested in what we can offer. Homemakers Expo makes it easy to exhibit with and their staff are always helpful.

What are the expected patio, lounge, dining and bar trends for 2019?

Upholstered patio furniture is still a new and exciting trend, new technology that helps keep furniture looking better for longer. Small spaces would also be an important area, so many business men/women are buying prime property in cities with small balcony spaces – and therefore looking for something modern and comfy to fit their living space.

Patio Warehouse at Cape HOMEMAKERS Expo

Without giving away too much, what can visitors expect from Patio Warehouse at HOMEMAKERS EXPO in 2019?

KISS – Keep it simple and straight.

The theme for HOMEMAKERS EXPO 2019 is Raw Comfort, what is your favourite raw comfort product or style?

That everything be it product or style, anything goes. It doesn’t need to be perfect in every way!

What is your favourite piece on offer at Patio Warehouse and why?

My favourite piece of furniture is our Emperor Day Bed. I don’t have one – but I would love one. It is big enough for almost our whole family, and it would be an ideal way to spend my Saturday or Sunday afternoon reading or sleeping in it.

What is the strangest or most unusual design trend you have come across?

Pop art design furniture – striking, lovely to look at, but I don’t think it is my style…

What is the connection between Ashley Furniture HomeStore and Patio Warehouse?

So with Patio Warehouse we do what our name says, we’ve got everything for your Patio. We realised that we lack the home furnishing side of the business and we felt that there was a gap in the furniture section, for affordable, well designed and good quality furniture. Ashley Furniture HomeStore is the world’s largest furniture manufacturer with more than 630 stores worldwide; we thought that they would be a great fit for the South African market.

Ashley Furniture Store