You will know exactly who Sandy Roberts is if, like me, you were cured numerous times with the advice followed by herbalist, Margaret Roberts. Sandy is Margaret’s, daughter. The Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre in De Wildt, North West Province was developed by Margaret and is named after her. Sandy operates the centre where she continues to lecture and demonstrate about herbs. The centre is also celebrated for being one of the Top 10 gardens in South Africa.

Margaret lent her name to numerous products from kitchenware and textile to seeds and books. In my own experience, my mom healed everything from sunburns and scrapes to nausea and anxiety with the herbs recommended by Margaret Roberts. I was lucky enough to learn about both the delicateness and powerfulness of herbs from a young age,

I asked Sandy a few questions and this is what she had to say.

What will you be bringing to the HOMEMAKERS Garden Table?

I hope to inspire you with delicious herb teas made from the medicinal healing flowers focusing on common ailments that one can easily remedy. Herbs are so much more than just teas, herbs encompass every part of our lives from the garden to the table. All the Margaret Roberts books will be available at the stand, as well as a range of the health and beauty products that we have in store. We believe Herbs are for home, health and beauty. 

What wellness trends will we see in 2020?  

The 2020 trends are all about saving our planet, going green, self-sustainability, saving water, eating and living healthy, growing food gardens – no matter what size!

If you could only choose one ingredient from your garden to include in your cooking what will it be? 

I need to name at least five! First, Margaret Roberts’ High Hopes Basil for its amazing qualities of healing. A natural antibiotic, it literally is the natural pick me up. Second, Margaret Roberts’ Ginger Rosemary for its size and excellent growth (and it is fragrantly delicious). Used for food, health and beauty, Margaret Roberts’ Lavender is third on my list. It is cultivated for our South African climate and is known for constant flowering, which attracts butterflies and bees. Fourth on the list is Centella Asiatica. Known as Pennywort in South Africa. This helps with circulation, digestion, memory loss, skin problems and so much more. The fifth is without a doubt Stevia. The amazing sugar plant that is easy to grow, calorie-free and three-hundred times sweeter than sugar. It is perfect for diabetics and a must for every gardener who is serious about their health and wellbeing.

Where do you find your inspiration and who has inspired you along the way?

It has always been Margaret Roberts, my mother, mentor, best friend and partner who I had the privilege of learning everything from. We share the same passion for this wonderful world of herbs and our gardens. I have worked alongside her for 36 years and continue her Legacy at the Margaret Roberts Herbal Centre in De Wildt.

Why are herb gardens important for homeowners?

Even the smallest herb garden is a must for every homeowner’s health, sustainability and joy. One needs to have a stress-free environment filled with creativity and inspiration.

We need to focus on the good and the garden is always good!

Catch Sandy’s demonstration at the Expo and download the full Garden Table programme.

By Marion Nowak