SKYE HD is a home automation business based in Cape Town. The business started as a TV manufacturer and then evolved into home automation. They now cover all low voltage services for both commercial and residential clients and their CV includes hotels and homes all over South Africa. They offer a turnkey solution from design through to implementation.  

Home Automation 

Home automation or smart home solutions allows the homeowner to control his house from a central device.

Automation can be scaled down to a single room. There are systems available to control your lights/AV/curtains/blinds and aircon in a single room environment or a complete home. 

Full Service 

SKYE HD specializes in electronics for your home and business. They assist with internet-related installations, audiovisual, automated curtains and blinds, lighting control, home cinemas, security cameras, access control and even your granny’s decoder. They have someone on call 24/7. They also understand that not everyone is tech-savvy and will design your system so that a small child or elderly person can easily navigate and control all the services in their home.    

Automation Trends 

SKYE HD spends a lot of time researching products and visiting international shows in Europe and China. By doing so they can bring their clients the latest and greatest in technology.  

The SKYE HD team has seen a big shift in technology, where large format LED screens have been used as residential TVs. They believe that these screens will soon become the all-purpose screens of the future. Cinemas will no longer require projectors and even your residential TV will be replaced by a modular LED screen. This will create a massive shift in the tech world.   

They are also seeing massive companies fighting it out in the voice control space. Amazon with Alexa, Google with Google Home and Apple with Siri. More and more household electronics are being manufactured with these as standard features. Soon your house will be completely voice-controlled.  

The Competition 

Simply share your favourite post by SKYE HD on Instagram or Facebook. Remember to tag them in your post. All the shared posts will go into a draw, and the winner will win a 40” Samsung smart tv. The draw happens on the 30th of September. Every share will count as an entry. T’s & C’s apply. “  

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