Renewable energy is not just a trend, it is an essential contribution to the future of mankind. The popularity of solar water heaters in South Africa is growing exponentially, especially as the awareness of the potential benefits of solar hot water heating systems improve and the cost of solar panels continue to decrease.

Going solar couldn’t have been more enticing than what NuPower have made it. They now have an amazing new product offering in the NuPower Lite Series.
Nu Power

Nu Power

NuPower designed a simple, easy to install high pressure system that will go easy on your pocket.

These are one of the most cost effective product ranges from NuPower, using high efficiency vacuum tube collectors in a direct configuration. The element is controlled by an advanced digital timer to maximize solar yield.

Kit Includes:
• 12 tube collector
• Pipes and fittings
• Tempering valves
• Mounting brackets
• 150l Geyser (Optional Extra)

If you aren’t into the DIY scene, they will gladly install the NuPower Lite system for you.

Why Should you pick NuPower:
They have been around for 10 years.
24 hour customer service number with a team on stand-by to assist you.
Their systems are SABS approved.
It will save you money!

Everything needed to turn your cold water into hot water.
Don’t hesitate and get your hands on the NuPower Lite system. Contact them at