Mambakwedza (Mamba) Mutasa and Gerhard van der Westhuizen of Soul Gallery in Hout Bay will exhibit some of their artworks at this year’s Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo, taking place from 29 August to 1 September at the CTICC.

A Match Made in Heaven

Their artworks, a combination of Van der Westhuizen’s paintings and Mutasa’s external components such as steel and wood, have become extremely popular and sought after.

“We met at the Festival of Art in Franschhoek in May last year. With a keen interest in each other’s work, we instantly connected and realised that we share a passion for what we do and how we create it. That initial meeting would ultimately be the beginning of a powerful journey of artistic collaboration for us,” says Van der Westhuizen.

Soon after meeting, they decided to do a piece together. “And as we always say to each other, it was a match made in heaven. Everything starts with an idea and with us, the results were beyond our wildest imagination,” adds Mutasa.

As new-found friends with a shared vision and enthusiasm for what they do, they opened the Soul Gallery in Hout Bay. “Our gallery showcases our collaborative art where our techniques, emotions and visual influences are combined, resulting in unusual and one-of-a-kind pieces,” continues Van der Westhuizen.

Mutasa adds that human society has never existed without art. “Clearly the artistic urge reveals something very central about the nature of human beings. Art can touch the souls of people who enjoy it but also reveals something about the souls of the artists.”

Win a Soul Gallery Artwork

Visit the Soul Gallery display at this year’s Expo and stand the chance of winning one of their artworks, Synergy, valued at R28 000!

Synergy is 1m by 1m, acrylic on wood panels. To view the artwork that will be given away, visit the Lourensford Art Curator Gallery at Lourensford Wine Estate from 1 June to 15 August 2019, or at the Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo from 29 August to 1 September at the CTICC.

Visit Soul Gallery at Harvest Centre, 31 Harbour Road, Hout Bay.

About Mambakwedza Mutasa (Sculptor)

Mamba Mutasa was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. From an early age, he eagerly explored his intrinsic talent and phenomenal ability to create.

He held the position of Director at the Domboramwari Art Village near Harare, where he took great pride in teaching students the basic principles of art. It became a sanctuary for him where he could let his imagination develop and gain inspiration away from busy city life.

He then decided to broaden his experience and travel the world, subsequently working in the USA as well as the Netherlands.

He prefers working with materials such as metal, stone and driftwood in his sculptures and has the uncanny ability to create shapes and life-like movements, as well as stir the viewer’s emotions.

About Gerhard van der Westhuizen (Artist)

Gerhard was born and raised in Cape Town. Having never done any form of art at school, most of his dreams of becoming an artist were inspired largely by architecture.

Gerhard allowed himself the freedom to explore and started by holding a large paintbrush in one hand, a palette and some thick paint in the other and took his first stroke. He has not stopped since.

Inspired by people, deep emotions and spontaneous interest, Gerhard is a natural, self-taught, talented artist who believes eyes are the windows to the soul.