Trellidor is a household name in security. If you live in South Africa – you know who Trellidor is and why they have become one of the most popular brands known for strength, reliability and durability. Trellidor will be featured at this year’s Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo Virtual Event and we decided to ask Kevin Bonner, Trellidor’s National Business Development Manager a few questions about ground-breaking products, new security trends and his opinion on custom-made products. Read on to find out what he had to say.

What is your most popular product at the moment?

“Every single Trellidor product is custom designed and manufactured, so it is more about what product is best for you. We turn that into reality by taking into account your budget, lifestyle, current home security status and family needs. The solution could be one type of Trellidor product on all openings, or a combination of different designs all connected visually by powder coating them in the same colour”.

How do you balance harsh security looks and aesthetics in your products?

“We have an extensive range of products, starting with traditional retractable grilles, right through to lifestyle products that enhance one’s living space and provide security at the same time. It has always been a massive challenge to maintain aesthetics without compromising on strength and the launch of the Trellidor Lifestyle range facilitated this need perfectly”.

What is the product that truly broke boundaries?

“Our first ‘invisible’ product, which was Clear Guard. We developed this mesh security screen to suit local conditions and introduced it to the market well over 10 years ago. Since then it has found its way into many homes with lovely views that owners did not want to be blocked by burglar bars. It is also popular in bush lodges, golf estates and coastal homes.

How has 2020 changed the way you do business?

“The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone aware that no-one is immune to the dangers out there in the world. The lockdown period was one of reflection. People looked at their home security in far more detail, calling on us for advice on how to improve it. We instituted strict hygiene protocols for on-site consultations. We’ve also adapted our manufacturing plant to adhere to strict health and safety procedures for customer, supplier and staff safety”.

In terms of security, what can we look out for?

“Sadly, crime is not seasonal. We saw a decrease in house robbery during the early part of the national lockdown, but it has risen again with the re-opening of the economy. Home invaders frequently attack when they know people are home, because we tend to leave our doors and windows open. This trend will no doubt continue, so we advise people to stop criminals getting in by keeping security gates and burglar proofing closed and locked, especially when doors and windows are open”.

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