Just over a year old, The Collection Studio are making waves in design spaces across the country with their authentic, fun designs.

We spoke to director, Dicey du Toit about what to expect from them at Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo.

Which product from your range is your favourite?

Most favourable product is a rug that we just did for Vergenoegd wine estate. The design is based on a water colour painting of the Cape Dutch werf done in the late 1700’s. The rug is 5mx3.65 and is done in 100% mohair.

What makes your company stand out?

We are authentic in our designs. We respect the country and its resources and we use mohair, wool and wood a lot but always with a twist of fun.

The Shape Shifter Rug. Photo from The Collection Studio website.

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration comes from people surrounding me, nature, the Eastern Cape and my children who are both artistic.

What trends are you seeing at the moment?

Trends at the moment are basically everything. BUT handmade craft is definitely coming back so yay for our handwoven mohair rugs.

The theme for this year is Raw Comfort, what does Raw Comfort mean to you?

Raw comfort is linen and mohair. Both textiles that we work in. It means texture, thread, fibre, sustainability, luxury, durability.

Which item can a home not do without?

A mohair or a wool rug is a must in this country. Support the farmers and the crafters and the weavers, who ever is involved.

What advice do you have for homeowners who are looking to redecorate or renovate their homes?

Advise for homemakers redoing their homes is decide for yourself. Know what you want. The home is for you, not for anyone else and please have indoor plants.

Why should people visit your stand at HOMEMAKERS Expo?

Our stand will be amazing and definitely different for the CT crowd. I know because I have lived there for 23 years.

You can visit The Collection Studio’s stand for chat at Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo at CTICC until Sunday, 1 September.