Top quality and a first-grade team are what FG Frameless Glass is all about.  Customers can rest assured that the FG team is committed, passionate and has a desire to be involved in your project. Everything from the assembly line to more contemporary organisational activities within the company contain increasing amounts of teamwork and FG Frameless Glass prides themselves in putting their team first. 

We asked FG Frameless Glass spokesperson Dewald Basson a few questions. He answers us below.  

FG Frameless Glass

What frameless glass trends and designs can we look out for in 2021?    

In terms of classic trends; we have our standard FG03 Frameless Glass Stack-Away System that has been part of our product range for the past 10 years. The design will not change soon because as they say “if it ain‘t broken, why fix it”?   

What is your speciality?    

We have a few systems that we specialise in. Our FG03 Frameless Glass Stack-Away Systems, the FG02 Aluminium Security Shutter Stack-Away Systems as well as the FG02 Shutters for Windows and Doors (all custom made) are our speciality products. Our FG04 Security Mesh is also a speciality of ours. 

What is your most popular product?    

Our FG03 (Frameless Glass Systems), as well as our FG02 (Security Shutters), are our most popular products. 

How has 2020 changed the way you do business?

This is something completely new to us, and probably a bit daunting seeing that our products need to be operated (by our clients) in ordeto get the physical look and feel on what we have to offer.   

What is the one product that you are the proudest of?    

It would most probably be the product that puts FG Frameless Glass on the map – our FG03 Frameless Glass Stack-away System.   

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