Whether you use your patio to lounge in the sun, enjoy time with the family or even indulge in a romantic dinnefor two, it should be a welcoming space all year round. Patio Warehouse has been around long enough to know exactly what it is that customers not only want but need to make life a more stylish and functional one. Patio Warehouse officially opened its doors in June 2005 and not only will you get the best prices for the best quality furniture, but you’ll also find the widest variety of outdoor furniture.  

Patio Warehouse is a virtual exhibitor at the first Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Virtual Event. As a well-known exhibitor with HOMEMAKERS, we asked Marketing Manager, Mia Delport a few questions about what‘s new at the Patio Warehouse brand. 

Stylish Lifestyle  

Mia explains that furniture should create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere displaying character and ambience. She says, “the trend is comfortable outdoor furniture that looks good and fits in with your home – and anything goes. Wicker is still very popular and so is light, aluminium furniture that is durable and easy to move around”. You can also always mix your pieces,” Mia says, “go for a fully upholstered outdoor couch with two wicker chairs. Mixing the different textures brings a nice look to your patio.   

Customer Favourites   

“In the summertime, our umbrellas are always a hit – especially around the pool area”, explains Mia. “With our harsh South African sun, we always need some shade around the pool area. Dining and lounge settings also enjoy popularity, as everybody’s need on and around the patio are different. Our range of Weber products is also selling well as everybody enjoys a good braai on their patio”.   

Doing Business Online  

Mia says that their online store has become extremely busy and why they’re focussing on getting the best patio online store in the country. Not only is our online store great, but you also have the support of 6 stores nationwide. We pride ourselves on having one of the best aftersales services possible.  

New Releases and Variety  

Patio Warehouse introduces its new ranges around this time of year and always keeps the widest ranges available and has everything in stock. “When you buy something – you can have it immediately”, says Mia.   

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